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How to charge electric car batteries at home?

To charge the battery at home, car owners can use home ev charging station  or wall chargers when the car is not in use.

Home ev Charging Station

Evaluation of the safety level of electric cars

According to statistics in the UK, 80% of electric vehicles are charged at home. Therefore, choosing the right technology, which is simple, safe, fast and cost-effective for car owners, is very important. In fact, to charge an electric vehicle battery at home, you can use the slow charger supplied with the vehicle, or install a wall-mounted charging case.

80% of electric cars in the UK are charged at home

Earlier, a popular car came with slow charger that was three-pin charging model. It used a 220-volt residential power grid. You can leave it in the trunk of your car and plug it in easily.

However, with the increasing size and capacity of batteries, it can take you up to 24 hours to fully charge your electric vehicle with this slow charger. Usually, home ev charging station  is important by the manufacturer as an “emergency” charger.

In case car owners often intend to charge their car at home, they should choose to buy an additional wall charger. The wall-mounted charging box is installed in the garage, garage… easy to use, for shorter and safer charging time, avoiding tangled wires in your home.

What is a wall charger home ev charging station?

A wall charger is a standalone, wall-mounted charger that connects directly to the utility grid. This charger will help you reduce the time it takes to replenish the battery capacity of the vehicle, and that can be a condition for increasing battery life.Wall charger

The common charging capacity of home ev charging station  is 7 kW. In addition, there is a wall charger that only charges at 3 kW and has a cheaper price.

 Usually this charger uses three-phase current, so before installation you need to contact your local electricity power about how to supply power, choose a convenient location to hang the charging box. This also helps avoid pulling three-phase power cords around in the garage area, family parking space.

How much does it cost to install home ev charging station?

The cost of installing a wall charger home ev charging station  depends on the speed and features of the charger you want to install. The 3 kW wall charger has a low selling price, while the 7 kW wall charger costs three times more. Smart features such as remote control and control via smartphone… will make the price of wall chargers even higher.

Mobile charger has a small capacity, 2.2 kW or 3.3 kW, so the charging time from 10% to 70% takes from 7 hours to 11 hours. All these chargers can fully charge the battery and when the battery is full, the car can travel up to 285 km.

How to properly charge an electric car today?

Some users believe that when not in use, the battery should be charged or left to charge overnight. However, they are not necessarily true for old-style batteries. Of course, would like to introduce more problems related to electric vehicle charging in general.

It is important to charge the battery when there is 25-30% battery left

It is not necessary to charge the battery every time the battery runs out. We need to charge it even when not in use. Especially in the case of not using for a long time, we need to discharge and charge the battery in the most reasonable way. Hence, you can use home ev charging station .

When about 25-30% battery left is the best time to charge the battery. This is the ideal number that can be applied to other electrical devices such as phones, computers, and laptops.

Do not charge immediately after use of home ev charging station

After using, we should let the car rest for 15-30 minutes depending on the weather conditions. Just finished using the car is still quite hot, if charging immediately, it may affect the charging process.

After the battery is full, we should also leave it for 10-20 minutes for the battery to return to its original temperature. When charging, it can also make the battery heat up due to the charging process.

Use a stable mains power supply


We should charge the battery when it says the screen is out of battery or the car slows down and moves unevenly. Then we should plug and use a stable power source. Those are the common types of electricity grid.

Limit all types of electricity from storage devices and generators at home ev charging station . Because of these electrical devices, the uneven current can affect the battery, the battery.

Discharge the battery, charge it even when not in use

In addition, when the car is not in use for a while, we should plan to discharge the battery and charge the battery.

To ensure the battery components, the battery is still in good working order. Accompanying that are the parts of the electric car that still work stably. Every 10 days, we discharge and charge the battery to prolong its life.
Home ev Charging Station 2021

How to quickly charge an electric car to full?

If the car is not in use, it is best to charge it once every 10 days. Accompanying that is a way to discharge the battery to ensure that the battery is fine.

Use a sync charger

The standard way to charge a car is to use the battery and charger synchronously. They need to follow a set to go together. Hence, don’t use the beard of one man to stick with the other woman. This both reduces battery life and causes the risk of fire.

It is best to buy genuine products and equipment from the seller to ensure safety and warranty. When using other chargers not from the manufacturer, you may not cover by the warranty in the event of a problem.

Use batteries and chargers in sync and properly with the car’s default rechargeable battery pack

With the above ideas, it is certain that your car battery will rarely damaging and reaches the highest capacity. Extending the life of the battery, the battery and saving costs for the user. It is common that the price of replacing batteries and batteries can be up to $500, which is quite high, so it saves a bit or a bit.

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