4 Easy Steps to Install Car Parking Lock


Today, there are many automobiles that leave the factory full of useful accessories. Others, on the other hand, come out with a much cheaper price but do not have any of the useful features for drivers, such as the car parking lock.

Car Parking Lock 2021

Of course, learning how to set the goal is one of the main things we do at driving school, but that doesn’t mean that parking is an easy task. After all, who has never hit the car in front of a pillar in the back for misjudging the distance to their vehicle? This is very common to happen.

Significance of having car parking lock

So, having a parking lock in the car can help a lot with this. But is this accessory really valued or is it a “freshness”? If the item is good, is there a way to install it in the car even if it comes without it from the factory? Let’s see below!

What is the car parking lock?

The car parking lock is an accessory that has become more and more common in cars above the entry-level models of the main automakers in the market. The item, as the name implies, offers real-time feedback to the driver about the space around him, making parking as easy as possible.

 These locks can act as feedbacks in two ways: the first is by sound signals, while the second is by visual signals on the car’s multimedia screen. To work, the accessory uses a kit of ultrasonic locks that are normally installed in the rear of the car but can also be installed on the sides and front.

Composition of the car parking lock

In addition to the car parking lock, the accessory also has a display on the panel (on some models) and a digital control box. These locks send an inaudible sound frequency to the human ear that navigates until it reaches the nearest object and then returns.

The time of this trip informs the system of the distance from the closest object to the car. Thus, the system can understand the information and send the distance to the visual or audible display. Based on this, the display issues the appropriate audible and/or visual alerts.

Is it worth having one in the car?

Now that we understand what a parking lock is and how it works, it’s time to talk about the advantages of this accessory. After all, that way we can know whether it’s worth having one of them in our car. First, the main advantage of having a car parking lock is that it helps with parking.

Benefits of the car parking lock

 With such an accessory, not only is it much easier to control the distance to park, but it also helps to prevent damage to the vehicle. Consequently, this benefit brings two others.

  1. The first, and most important, is security.
  2. After all, the news is not uncommon of those who went to park, backed up too far, hit a pillar
  3. And caused an accident that put their lives at risk.
  4. The second is related to the value of the vehicle.
  5. If you avoid hitting, even slightly with the back of the car.
  6. Then car parking lockwill have a greater value at the time of resale or to exchange

Can you install a lock in your car?

Normally, the lock in the car is an accessory that comes from the factory. Therefore, it is possible to think that it is not possible to install the item if it does not come in the vehicle. However, this is not true. Yes, you can install a lock in your vehicle, even if it didn’t come from the factory with this option.

Car Parking Lock

To do this installation, just buy a kit with the elements and go to a mechanic that specializes in the subject. Then they can install the feature in the car. If you don’t want to install a lock in your car, you can buy a used car that already has this option.

Why prefer used cars?

Used cars are cheaper than new ones. Therefore, it is possible to find in the market a vehicle with a low price, in excellent conditions, and with this feature. How much we saw, didn’t we? You can see that yes; in fact, the parking lock is an excellent accessory to have in your car.

For safety go for a car parking lock. In addition to increasing safety, it also guarantees greater resale value for your vehicle. Who has never had that feeling that they are going to hit or touch the wall or another car when parking their vehicle?

Materials required for car parking lock

Check out how to install your parking lock this step by step. To get started you will need:

  • Firstly, conventional drill
  • Secondly, insulating tape
  • Moreover, stiletto
  • Measuring tape
  • Crepe tape

4 Steps to install car parking lock

Following steps are to be followed

1) Initial marking; car parking lock

–First, mark the middle of the bumper with masking tape

– Mark 20 cm from the middle to point “A” (left side), and 20 cm from the middle to point “B”

– Moreover, mark 40 cm from point “A” to point “C”, and 40 cm from point “B” to point “D”

– Furthermore, the car parking lock must be at 40 cm each

– Lastly, measure from the ground to each point to verify that they are all aligned

2) Drilling the bumper; car parking lock

– Use a conventional drill and the Cup Saw that is usually part of the kit

3) Installing the locks; car parking lock

Each lock has a number and must be placed according to its marking. The Lock cable must be routed completely through the hole until the tip comes out from under the bumper. Behind the lock, there is the word UP and an arrow, which should be pointed upwards.

The same procedure must be carried out on the other locks, always respecting the numbering. After completing the fittings, make a whip and pass it into the trunk. There is an air intake on the side of the car where the wires can be routed. This is how you install a car parking lock.

4) Bringing the control unit to life and connecting its proper plugs

Disconnect the flashlight power plug and locate the reverse positive and negative. For this, you can use a polarity pen or ask a technician for help. Once found, connect the wires that will power the switch using electrical tape.

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