Powering up your electric vehicle anywhere with an outdoor ev charger


What is meant by outdoor ev charger?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have a bright future as technology develops and the need for environmentally friendly transportation methods rises. The growth of outdoor EV chargers is one of the major trends that will influence how EVs are used. You can charge your electric car while it’s parked outside thanks to an outdoor ev charger. These chargers are often used in home, business, and public settings and are made to resist various weather situations.  

Advantages of installing an outdoor ev charger

Electric vehicles (EVs) have skyrocketed in popularity as a cleaner, more environmentally friendly form of transportation in recent years. Many EV owners are learning the simplicity and advantages of installing an outside EV charger as the EV industry expands. This blog article will examine the many benefits of having an outdoor ev charger at your residence, place of employment, or in public areas.

  • Reliability and Convenience

The convenience that an outdoor charger provides is among the most persuasive arguments for installing one. You can conveniently plug in your EV without the inconvenience of looking for public charging stations when you have a charger right outside your house or place of business. Because of this accessibility, you may begin each day with a completely charged battery, guaranteeing ample range for your daily commute or activities.

  • Speedier Charging

Typically, outdoor ev charger is Level 2 chargers, which offer quicker charging rates than the conventional Level 1 chargers found in most EVs. You can charge your EV much more quickly using level 2 chargers, which use a 240-volt power supply. You may add up to 25 miles of range each hour of charging, depending on the battery size of your EV and the power output of the charger. As a result, you won’t need to leave your battery plugged in overnight to top it off.

outdoor ev charger

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Range

You have more freedom in scheduling excursions if you can charge your EV rapidly at home or work. Without relying on the infrastructure for public charging, you may increase the range of your EV. As a result, you may travel further distances without worrying about running out of battery life or having to wait at a public charging station.

Over time, installing an outside EV charger might result in considerable financial savings. Using your outside charger at home might be less expensive than using public charging stations, which frequently charge fees. You may reduce your power costs even further by taking advantage of some utility providers’ unique EV charging rates and incentives.

  • Environmental Advantages

Since EVs have no exhaust emissions, switching to an EV is already a significant step towards lowering your carbon footprint. The environmental advantages are much larger when you change your EV with green energy sources like solar or wind power. You may utilize renewable energy sources and make your mobility even more environmentally friendly by installing an outside charger.

  • Power Independence

An outside EV charger might make you feel more independent from the grid. You are not dependent on the presence of public charging stations, and you are not exposed to possible outages or maintenance problems at such sites. Thanks to its dependability, you can always have a charged car available for your requirements.

  • Home Value Boosting

Adding an external EV charger to your home might raise its value. A dedicated charging station may be a huge selling factor for potential purchasers as more people switch to electric vehicles. It could result in a greater resale value by enhancing the charm and value of your home.

  • Public Charging Infrastructure

Installing an outside EV charger at your business or in a public area will help the charging facility network continue to expand. This is advantageous to you and other EV owners in your neighborhood. More charging stations are made available by encouraging more people to transition to electric cars, which lowers total emissions and enhances air quality.

outdoor ev charger

What are the consequences of outdoor ev chargers?

  • EV users frequently worry about range anxiety or dread running out of battery power before arriving at their destination. Having access to a portable charger outside helps lessen this worry. You won’t have to worry about continually checking your battery level while traveling because you can charge your car at home or work.
  • Some outdoor EV chargers include capabilities for backup power during power outages. These chargers can provide electricity to your house, necessary appliances, or even your EV during a power outage. This capacity can ensure power supply during crises and unplanned outages, saving your life.
  • Outdoor EV chargers frequently provide scalable charging options. To save money on power, plan your charging periods or ensure your car is charged and ready at certain times. With this degree of flexibility, you may tailor the charging procedure to your preferences for lifestyle and energy-saving objectives.
  • Public charging stations can occasionally be overcrowded, particularly in regions with significant traffic or peak charging hours. You won’t ever need to queue to charge your car if you have an outdoor EV charger. When it’s convenient for you, plug it in to begin charging.
  • Compared to conventional gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles often require less maintenance. Having an outside charger encourages frequent charging of your EV, which can help the battery last longer. Given that many EVs employ regenerative braking to slow down and recharge the battery, routine charging can also help to prolong the lifespan of your car’s brakes.
  • The need for power will rise as more people choose electric vehicles. Smart charging technologies can, however, support effective demand management. Many outdoor EV chargers are outfitted with sophisticated technology to optimize charging periods based on grid availability and load. This can improve grid stability by reducing stress on the electrical system during high usage times.


An outdoor EV charger is a useful addition that improves your EV ownership experience and contributes to a greener future, whether you’re a household EV owner, a business owner, or a part of a community wishing to extend the charging infrastructure. Accepting the advantages and convenience of outside EV chargers is a move in the right direction for both people and society as the electric car revolution gains steam. When you buy an EV charging station from us, get ready to benefit from cutting-edge technology. Make sure the charging station you select is trustworthy. Everything you need for installation is included, and it is straightforward. For electric vehicles, KINOUWELL provides a quick-charging option.

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