Parking flap lock unit for outdoor parking lots


Smart parking flap lock is specially designed for the demand of self-service on-street parking spots smart management, use the combination of accurate mechanical transmission technology and mechanical electronic control technology, could manage the parking spots very efficiently. The equipment work with geomagnetism vehicle detector, coil vehicle detector and auto pay station easily, all equipment compose the self-service on-street parking spots management system.


This parking flap barrier is widely used in small parking lots, with 20-50 spaces. With the application of parking flap barrier in each space and the auto pay station, the parking lot can realize unattended management, which can save labor cost a lot.


Parking flap lock unit for outdoor -1



Parking flap lock unit for outdoor -2


Voltage AC 220V
power consumption 60W
current 6MA
Lifting weight 210mm
Rising time 2s
size L*W*H 1100*400*95MM
Net weight 45kg
package carton
gross weight 47kg
working temperature -35 ~ +65 degree
Communication RS485




  • Excellent safety. Vehicle detector under ground detects car coming, then flap will automatically rise.
  • Durability, Reliability. Short motor running time, long running life
  • Motor driving movement, low power motor driving, light weight design.
  • Can be controlled by remote controller
  • It can be connected with auto pay station or parking meter and controlled by the management center.


Process flow chart:


After parking a car on these types of parking lots, a flap will rise to hold the car. When the flap rises, the time counter will start. The payment for the parking fee will be at the fare adjustment machine. For payment, enter the number of your parking spot, then press the button for confirmation, followed by the payment button. Move the car only after making sure the flap has gone down.


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