Paying for Parking Tickets is Easy with Parking Lot Payment Machine App


Parking Lot Payment machine app provides solution that prevents traffic gridlocks

To avoid traffic from getting gridlock and facing delays, the parking lot payment machine app is solving the issues. Municipalities and events management across the globe are finding the perfect and easiest ways for avoiding these delays. Therefore, they came up with the best solution as parking.

However, conventional parking systems are also a hectic solution. It is because, in a quest to get some change, the drivers of the vehicle can halt the traffic flow. Moreover, other vehicles can also contribute much in halting traffic by making a long queue for payments.

Not only the driver but the event managers also don’t like the parking queues. They on the contrary like to see smooth traffic flow with convenient and faster payment solutions other attended payments.

For this reason, hence, a lot of car users (51%) across the US are now using cards instead of cash (26%). Read more facts here

Why Parking Lot Payment Machine App?

The parking lot payment machine app solves many challenges and issues which we face using the conventional attended parking payment methods. Parking authorities and private parking lots are fed up with managing the flux of traffic.

By opting for this method and increasing the minimum wage of a person by $15 per hour, there are a lot is issues and challenges the authorities can address. Also keeping the cash collection secure is another issue. With a smart payment solution, the cash collection also remains safe and secure.

Option Of Payment with Parking Lot Payment Machine App

Like the wide variety of payment systems across the world, there are similarly various types of parking systems and options using the parking lot payment machine app. Some of which are discussed below:

Payment For One-Time Parking

The use of the parking lot payment machine app seems very convenient when drivers tend to use the payment application using smartphones. The driver just needs to insert the time of entry using the mobile application and pins its location to the nearest machine.

After that, the application thereby activates the parking time for the user in a parking facility. Using this unattended application thereby creates a token number for the car. After spending time either in the mall or building, he just needs to tap the end button upon exiting. The machine will automatically calculate the time of entry and exit and creates a bill. The application also creates and pays the bill from the app using the credit number attached.

This option moreover eliminates the need for parking tickets and paper. Eventually reducing the cost of operation to a greater extent. Last but not least is the prevention of driver’s frustration when waiting in the line to get out of the parking lot.

Permit Parking and Parking Lot Payment Machine App

Permit parking is another facility that a lot of parking spaces and venues are offering to their customer. However, these permit parking are not available for all consumers. Instead, they are available to selected or a few loyal and regular VIP consumers. The permit parking allows the consumer to park their vehicles in some of all of the venue parking.

parking lot payment machine app

This system is super quick and fast to let consumers come and go in moments. By this, consumers will be facing no friction, and there equally well be no overhead for the facility. To identify and distinguish the permit vehicles from the rest, there are RFID stickers and license plates attached to the cars. These cars eventually are recognized using these plates for entry.

Not only this, the billing procedure of these cars is also very easy and convenient. Using the parking lot payment machine app, the user can pay the payment. The application is fast and free from any bugs, which allows fast payment avoiding requisition calls and fines.

Walk-up Payment Kiosk Solution

Another fast and easy method of parking payment is the use of Kiosk in parking lots. This is better famous as the Walk-up payment method. Kiosk indeed is the best payment solution using the parking lot payment machine app.

All you need to do is to receive the parking ticket from the parking lot machine. The driver will eventually insert the ticket into the Kiosk. It will pay the bill by connecting with your mobile application. Your mobile application will even pay the bill that supports Kiosk payment methods. The machine will provide a ticket or proof using a magnetic stripe and barcode upon taking the exit.

Metered Parking

Most of the drivers are in a habit and inclined more towards paying through metered parking. For this metered parking there are also solutions available that allow the driver to pay their bill using the parking lot payment machine app.

The facility also allows the drivers to save their time waiting in the long queues and getting a parking ticket from an attendant. This facility benefits driver as well as the authorities. It is because the system allows the management to collect a higher amount of fee without hiring additional employees.

Flexibility With Technology

There are a lot of benefits that one cannot even think of. These benefits come handy apart from improving the customer service and upgradation of various parking lots.

With the use of the parking lot payment machine app, this hassles and hurdles of long waiting queues of the frustrated driver in the scorching heat is no more a reality. The management is feeling new capabilities of managing the huge flux of customers in the smartest way possible. Charging customers with actual in a moment of second is now the new game. The machines and mobile applications are now able to even charge customers on special and discounted rates on special days.

parking lot payment machine app

Whilst using the mobile application, the users can also manage to observe the real-time data and visibility. This eventually allows the customer to see the vacant spaces in their nearest parking lot without getting there. It will thereby save much of their time in searching for vacant space. Finally, payment solutions like mobile apps are the sure way to find solutions to the existing challenges. The aim is to deliver the ROI more than the clients are anticipating.

For more information and guidance about a number of payment solution and machines, feel free to contact our team here

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