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100% autonomous electric motor

EV charger in china  Plug-in Hybrid vehicles has two engines, one electric and one combustion. In this case, the engines are completely independent. In other words, the Plug-in can work in a 100% electrical mode between 50 to 70 km . For example, in the case of the Renault E-Tech Hybrid Plug-in engine,

it can cover 65 km of autonomy in electric mode at a maximum speed of 135 km/h. By traveling in electric mode in the city where speeds are lower, you will be able to reduce fuel consumption and polluting gases, thus contributing to a healthier environment in your urban area.

The start is always in 100% electric mode

The starting of these cars will always be electric. After starting, the car itself will choose the ideal traction mode depending on the conditions. You may, however, prefer to switch between hybrid and electric manually.

reliable EV charger

Battery with greater capacity

Plug-In hybrid vehicles have a battery with greater capacity. In the slowdown and braking phases, the electric motor can recover and return the energy produced to the battery. Therefore, these cars also benefit from being connected to the mains, being able to connect your car to an EV charger in a china  station or a domestic outlet.

 Cost/Savings Reduction with EV charger in china

These vehicles allow having reduced costs since the consumption of gasoline and the costs of maintenance are lower. The fact that Plug-in hybrid vehicles have two engines means that the wear of both is slower since the driver can alternate and use both.

Tax Incentives for Plug-In Hybrids:

             Plug-in hybrid vehicles have tax incentives, among the main ones are the reduction of the Tax on Vehicles (SV) of 75% on their purchase, free parking or more affordable value in some places, and even the fact of the Single Tax on Circulation is easy to reduce according to CO2 emissions.

Exclusive advantages for companies

In addition to these, there are exclusive advantages for companies, such as reduced autonomous taxation according to the purchase price of the EV charger in china  vehicle, deduction of VAT provided that the value of the vehicle does not exceed the tax limit (in this case , €50,000) and total deduction of the VAT on electricity consumption.

The electric vehicle is often seen as a source of the additional expense compared to a traditional combustion car. This impression is mainly given by the purchase price of electric cars, today more expensive than gasoline or diesel cars. However, electric cars are the source of many savings, both during purchase and during use.

Can we make savings thanks to the electric car?

This article details all kinds of savings possible thanks to the electric EV charger in China , from the incentives available to day-to-day savings in fuel consumption. Benefit from incentives to lower the price of electric and hybrid cars for 100% electric Incentive for the Introduction to the Consumption of Low Emission Vehicles by the Environmental Fund.

The incentive of 3000 euros for individuals, when purchasing or leasing an electric light passenger vehicle. This incentive has a limit for 2021 of 2,100,000 euros, or 700 applications. The incentive of 6000 euros for individuals, in the purchase or leasing of an electric light vehicle. This incentive has a limit for 2021 of 900,000 euros, or 150 applications.

  • Tax breaks:
  • Exemption from Single Circulation Tax (IUC)
  • Vehicle Tax Exemption (ISV)
  • For plug-in hybrids

40% discount on the Vehicle Tax (ISV) for light hybrid passengers (autonomy greater than 50 km and official CO2 emissions less than 50 g/km) 75% discount on the Vehicle Tax (ISV) for plug-in hybrid passenger cars (minimum autonomy in electric mode of 50 km and official CO2 emissions below 50 g/km)

  • Incentives autonomous regions:
  • Autonomous Region of Madeira (1):
  • 5000 euros incentive for individuals to purchase a 100% electric light EV charger in china vehicle (1 per person)
  • 600 euros incentive for individuals on the purchase of a two- or four-wheel motorcycle or moped (1 per person)

Autonomous Region of the Azores

  • Light vehicles: 10% (up to 3000 euros ), 1 per person
  • Two-wheeled motorcycles or mopeds: 20% (up to 750 euros ), 1 per person
  • Motorized speed: 250 euros, 1 per person
  • The incentive for installing a charging station (3): 50% (up to 500 euros ), 1 per person

Cumulative with national incentives

  • When purchasing an electric vehicle
  • In mainland Portugal, there is no incentive to install chargers.  

reliable EV charger 2021

Important fuel savings with EV charger in china

The energy cost for an electric car is naturally much lower than for an equivalent combustion car. The savings depend on the type of EV charger in china  vehicles and how it is common, but overall, electricity is 4-5 times cheaper than gasoline. On average, traveling 100 km by tram costs €2 of electricity, while traveling 100 km with a patrol car costs €8 of fuel. 

If you do 15 000 km per year, this represents a saving of 900 € per year! The EV charger in china  is even more profitable since in Portugal the price of gasoline and diesel are the highest in Europe. If detractors of electric cars often point out the high rates of certain fast-charging networks on highways.

EV charger in china Brings Important savings on parking costs

It approximates the cost of a gas tank, it is important to know those chargers are available to you. It is free of charge or at advantageous rates! Have you ever seen a free gas station? The most important savings are made by charging at home , charging you almost nothing (only the cost of energy).

Choosing the right EV charger in china  supplier allows you to optimize your electricity bill.

Cities are increasingly implementing policies to favor the development of electric mobility and propose free parking for electric cars. In Lisbon, for example, parking for 100% electric cars is free in limited-duration parking areas.

Conclusion EV charger in china

The mechanics of an electric engine are much simpler than a combustion engine. The maintenance of an electric vehicle is cheaper compared to an equivalent combustion vehicle. Whereas a combustion engine has several thousand parts, an electric motor is made up of just a dozen parts.

The risk of EV charger in china  failure is lower. Likewise, an electric car does not have a gearbox, therefore, less maintenance cost. Plug-in hybrids have an electric motor and a gasoline engine and this notice does not apply to these.

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