How Do I Recognize the Right Wall Charger for Electric Car?


Wall Charger for Electric Car
Do you own an electric car and want to enjoy modern mobility to the fullest? Then the wall charger for electric car is an excellent choice for your electric vehicle. It makes everything to do with the charging process easier and faster.

What is an electricity tank card?

The electricity tank card, also known as the electric tank card. It is a charging card for e-cars that gives you access to a well-developed network of charging stations. What’s more, you can refuel at many charging stations even in most other European countries. 

There are currently more than 300 different types of charging cards in circulation. They normally have to register with the operator of the charging station (usually also your energy provider).

With a wall charger for electric car for electric cars you can log into a wall box or public charging station to charge your vehicle. Only when the charging station has recognized you using your card can the charging process start. The battery of your e-car charges according to the conditions described in the fixed contract.

Each charging card for e-cars has a unique identifier, which makes it truly unique. Charging with such a card is safe and convenient. Because only you or the persons authorized by you can use the electricity tank card.

Environmentally friendly green electricity has many advantages.

You can fill up your e-car with our wall charger for electric car environmentally friendly green electricity. The green electricity from the socket obtains from renewable energies such as sun, wind or water power and has many advantages.

 On the one hand, this type of energy production conserves fossil fuels – completely without nuclear power. On the other hand, the emission of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) is significantly reduced. 

The charging card for your e-car

More and more people are switching to electric vehicles, which is why we are working on expanding the public charging infrastructure participate. In this way, we are making a significant contribution to the great turnaround in mobility. 

And you can support us in this. Because the charging points we affectionately call “electricity charging stations” can operate easily with your wall charger for electric car.

Benefits of the wall charger for car

  • Charge your e-car quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • You can order your charging card from us free of charge by registering with a customer account
  • Only upon activation do you pay a basic fee, which counts as the minimum sales (suspended until December 31, 2022) and for your selected electricity tariff
  • By using it, you also contribute to an improved climate and fill up your electric vehicle with sufficient electricity in just a few steps
  • Benefit from our many years of expertise as an energy supplier and the good connection to the charging network in Germany
  • Your e-car reliably charges with wall charger for electric car
  • You can also benefit from our constantly available customer hotline

Charging card for e-cars: costs and tariffs

In principle, there are both free charging cards and those that come with a basic fee. With a free fuel card for electric cars, the charging of the batteries is usually a little higher than with those with a basic fee. Because with the latter there are different tariffs that combine all charging costs. 

Depending on the provider, charging the batteries either does not incur any additional costs (flat rate) or only costs less. In addition, you usually have to pay additional expenses during the charging process, which vary from electricity provider to electricity provider.

How is a wall charger for electric car charged?

Wall Charger for Electric Car 2022

Basically, charging an electric car works the same way as refueling a combustion engine:

Register/authorize: via app, with a charging card or in the online portal (you can access this via the QR code on the charging station)

Open the cover, connect the car and the charging station (either with your own cable – then plug the cable into the charging station first – or that of the station)

Start charging online/in the app

When the desired charge level reaches, stop charging and log off (when fully charged, the vehicle stops automatically)

Disconnect the connection between the wall charger for electric car and the vehicle (first pull the plug on the vehicle)

There are differences, for example, in the placement of the “tank cap”. Some e-cars have it on the side at the back as usual, but others, such as the Nissan Leaf, have it on the bonnet.

Can only “pure” e-cars use the charging stations?

Basically, any vehicle with a suitable charging connector can charge at a charging point, including a plug-in hybrid. However, some charging stations reserve for vehicles with an E-license plate. So, pay attention to wall charger for electric car.

If you apply for an e-mark for your plug-in hybrid, the CO2 emissions must be less than 50 g/km or the electric drive must have a range of at least 40 km.

What do I do if there are problems at the charging station?

Sometimes it can happen that the activation at the charging point does not work right away or the charging station does not release the cable after charging. Keep calm and follow the instructions at the charging point or in your app first.

If the problem persists, contact the charge point operator by phone. The technical problems can usually solve directly on site via their remote diagnostics.

How do I recognize the right plug?

In principle, there are two types of wall charger for electric car: with alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). For the first charging station. The three-phase “Type 2” plug is the most common and has become the standard in Europe.

Only the second named DC charging station is suitable for quick charging and costs an extra charge in most cases. Kinouwell KW-PEVC3401 is common in Europe for these fast charging stations. You can easily find out about the required connector on our website.

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