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Kinouwell 120KW EV Charger Electric Car charging Points Fast Charging Station(PEVC3107 Hot Model)

With a 120KW EV charger, a typical electric car can be charged to 80% of its battery capacity in about 30 minutes, depending on the specific make and model of the vehicle.

Quick Information
  • Model: KW-PEVC3107-120KW
  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Communication Protocol: OCPP 1.6J
  • Screen Size: 7-Inch touch screen
  • Payment Method: RFID Card, APP


Power Suppply 3P+N+PE
Rated Voltage 400VAC±15%
Frequency 50/60Hz
THDi ≤5%
Efficiency ≥95%
Power Factor ≥0.98
Connector Type CCS Combo 2
Output Voltage 150-1000VDC
Maximum Output Current 200ADC
Output Power Rating 120kW(Max)
Output Voltage Accuracy ≤0.5%
Output Current Accuracy ≤±5%
Screen Size 7-Inch Touch screen
Payment Method RFID Card, APP
Cable Length 5m (Custom)
Network Connection Cellular modem:GSM/3G/4G
LAN:10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6J
Operating Noise Level ≤60dBA
Ingress Protection(IP/IK rating) IP54
Power Meter Accuracy Class 1 energy meter
Enclosure Galvanized steel
Place of Installation Indoor / Outdoor
Product Dimension 700 x 550 x 1800mm(W x D x H)
Package Dimension 950 x 720 x 1950mm(W x D x H)
Protection Over Current,Under Voltage, Over Voltage,Short Circuit, Residual Current, Surge Protection, Over Temperature, Ground Protection
Certification Standard EN/IEC 61851-1、EN/IEC 61851-23、EN/IEC 61851-24、EN/IEC62196-1、EN/IEC62196-3
Operating Temperature -35℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature –40°C to +75°C
Maximum Installation Height ≤2000m
Operating Humidity 5%–95% RH
120kw only can make double charging gun output



KW-PEVC3107 120KW OCPP DC EV Charging Stations is What Exactly?


An electric car may be quickly charged using a battery electric vehicle (BEV) charging station with a high output of 120 kW. Your car might be charged between 0% and 100% by an electric vehicle charger. It has a maximum output of 120kW and can be used by both plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars.
It is a state-of-the-art answer for the electric vehicles on the road today. It may be a power source for autos or electrical appliances due to its high power output of 120 kW. It also has an integrated battery bank to store excess power from the charger. It is suitable for commercial usage.
It is designed to be installed both indoors and outside. It is a device that enables grid electricity to refuel your car. It is used to recharge electric vehicles. These high-power chargers are designed to provide fast charging for electric vehicles.



PEVC3107-120KW is a basic DC Fast EV charger station. It is easy to install, stable in performance, and provides complete protection function. The LCD display can show the charging status, user friendly. It supports GSM/3G/4G/Ethernet communication with party system for remote monitoring/maintain/upgrade. The charger can optionally equip with a column support installed outdoors.

Simple installation: no complicated installation process is required, it can be used when power is connected.

 7 Inch LCD Display: LCD screen can display the real-time charging status, including time, voltage, current, power and temperature.

IP54, Strong and Durable: Support outdoor harsh environment,waterproof and dust-proof. Rugged shell which could resist the rolling and crash of the car.

Easy to install and use: The installation process is simple, payment is convenient and fast, supports IC card swiping. Fully compatible with all EV in the market.

Warranty — 24-month warranty and life-time hassle-free technical support.



Why is having a 120 KW OCPP DC EV charging station necessary?

As there are more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, there is a greater demand for EV charging stations that are reliable and easily accessible. Electric vehicles are getting more affordable as a result of new technology. A network of efficient and accessible charging stations is required for EVs to succeed. Nowadays, electric cars are the standard. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common as gas-powered cars decline in popularity. In addition to being less expensive, electric cars are better for the environment. So having access to charging stations for electric vehicles is essential. A 120KW OCPP DC EV charging station is an excellent way to refuel while on vacation, camping, or even while you’re not home.


DC EV Charging Station


Why is it that 120 KW DC EV charging stations are so well-known?

A 120 KW DC EV charging station primarily serves to offer an effective and quick way to charge electric vehicles. There may be many charging plugs at the station, allowing for the simultaneous charging of numerous vehicles. These stations are getting increasingly well-liked as more electric vehicles are used on public roads. Because they move more swiftly, you can resume driving more quickly. Charges are provided considerably more quickly.


DC EV Charging Station



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