Kinouwell KW-P-313 Car Park System Parking Flap Lock

Quick Information

Power supply Electricity, solar energy, wind energy
Dimension 1050*330*220mm(up), 1050*330*121mm(down)
Drive mode Motor
Motor working voltage 24V
Motor trigger way Loop coil trigger
The max. resistance weight 2 tons
Barrier ascending time <10s
Barrier descending time <10s
Protection class  IP67

Parking Flap Lock: Parking and payment procedure

Below are the features of Parking Flap Lock. 

  • You install Lock in the middle of each parking space. Sometimes the owner can locate the lock in front of the parking space.
  • Drive over the flap lock and park the car at the vacant space. Even if it is vacant, do not park when the flap lock is up.
  • Park the car within 2 minutes. The flap lock will rise automatically.
  • Remember the number of the parking space.
  • Press the space number at the payment machine. After paying parking fee, the lock will go down automatically.
  • Make sure that the flap is down before you drive out from the space.

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