Trailer Wheel Boot for truck

Kinouwell KW-P-327 Trailer Wheel Boot

Quick Information

Material Cold-rolled steel
Thickness 4.5 mm
N.W 23kgs
Accessories one padlock with 3 keys, 1 crank
Working temperature -30℃~+70℃
Item size 1020*400*285mm
Packing 1pcs/carton
Max wheel width 1400mm

A trailer wheel boot is a device that can lock the tire of the vehicles. You can use them for illegal parking punishment, traffic unpaid fine enforcement. Also, car owners can use them for personal use; they prevent thieves from stealing cars. Wheel clamp also called car tire lock, wheel clamp lock, parking boot.

This wheel clamp is for heavy vehicles like trucks.

Trailer Wheel Boot for truck

Trailer Wheel Boot for truck

Trailer Wheel Boot for truck

Characteristic of a Trailer Wheel Boot

  • Adjustable wheel diameter and width

The length and width are adjustable. It can fit almost all vehicles.

  • Heavy duty and safe.

Made of heavy-duty steel, it is firmly strong and unbreakable.

  • Anti-theft.

High security while locking vehicles. Protect your vehicles from being stolen.

  • Easy to use and store up.

It comes with two keys and one crank which makes it easy to fit or removed.

Trailer Wheel Boot for truckTrailer Wheel Boot for truck

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