Features of 120 kW dc ev charging station


What is the 120 kW DC ev charging station?

  • 120kWdc ev charging station is a high output battery electric vehicle (BEV) charging station that can charge an electric car quickly. An electric vehicle charger allows you to charge your car from 0% to 100%. It has a capacity of up to 120kW and can be used by both plug-in hybrid cars and battery electric vehicles.
  • It is designed to be installed indoors and outdoors. It is a device that allows you to charge your car using electricity from the grid. It is used to recharge electric vehicles. These high-power chargers are designed to provide fast charging for electric vehicles.
  • It is an innovative solution for electric vehicles on the road today. It offers a high-power output of 120 kW and can be used as a power supply for Electric vehicles or other electrical devices. It also has a built-in battery bank to store excess energy from the charger. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Why is a 120 kW DC ev charging station important? 

The demand for reliable and accessible EV charging stations increases as the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road rises. Electric cars are becoming more affordable thanks to new technology. The success of EVs depends on having an infrastructure of efficient and reachable EV charging stations. The era of electric vehicles has arrived. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as gas-powered cars become less common. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, electric cars are also less expensive to run. Therefore, having electric vehicle charging facilities is essential. A 120kW dc ev charging station is a great way to keep your car charged while on vacation, camping, or even if you’re away from home for long periods.

How does the 120 kW DC ev charging station work? 

A direct connection to the battery is made by a DC ev charging station, enabling a quicker charge. They can find a station in public parking lots, businesses, or homes. The station charges the battery quickly using a direct high-voltage current (DC). Connecting it to a charging station allows an electric vehicle’s (EV) battery to be refilled. An electric vehicle (EV) can charge its battery quickly by receiving direct high-voltage current (DC) power from a fast-charging station.

Why 120 kW is dc ev charging stations so popular? 

120 kW dc ev charging station  main function is to offer a quick and efficient way to charge electric vehicles. Typically, the station will feature a variety of various charging connections that can use to power several vehicles simultaneously. The popularity of these stations is rising as the number of electric vehicles on the road rises. They are faster, allowing you to resume driving sooner. They provide considerably quicker charging. 

120 kW dc ev charging station

The design of a 120 kW dc ev charging station: 

The PowerStation provides fast charging for electric cars and trucks. It features a large battery and a powerful motor, making it ideal for powering up electric vehicles. Since electric automobiles are more environmentally friendly than conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles, they are growing in popularity today. The demand for electric cars (EVs) is rising as the world develops. EV charging stations improve in strength and effectiveness. For those looking for a powerful and effective means to charge their EVs, a 120 kW dc ev charging station is a fantastic choice.

  • Safety: The demand for reliable and practical charging locations rises along with the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. By establishing a DC fast charging station, which can offer a quick and simple way to charge an EV, EVs can benefit from this application. The era of electric vehicles has arrived. They are eco-friendly to the environment than gas-powered cars but are also less expensive to run and maintain. It does not cause pollution and makes the environment free of pollution. 
  • Efficiency: Using a DC electric vehicle charging station has various benefits. You can get your car back on the road faster because DC charging is far faster than other charging methods. It can charge an electric vehicle more quickly at a DC ev charging station. DC charging stations ismore energy-efficient, which means less energy is lost during the charging process. They are not only friendly to the environment than gas-powered cars, but they are also more efficient and more affordable to run.

How to use a 120 kW dc ev charging station: 

  • Connect the station to your vehicles and Start charging 

Your vehicle’s ideal DC ev charging station is the 120 kW DC ev charging station. Simple operations are required. After that, connect your automobile to the station using the appropriate cables. Simply connect your car, choose the charge rate you want, and wait for the charging to finish. When the vehicle is fully charged, the station will automatically stop charging.


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