The specialty of 180 kW dc ev charging station


 What is a 180 kW dc ev charging station?

A 180kW dc ev Charging Station is an essential piece of devices if you’re planning on using electric vehicles as your main mode of transportation. This charging station has an output power of 180 kW DC and supports EV charging. It also features a built-in LED light which makes it easy to locate. An EV may be fully charged at this station in 15 minutes.

180 kW dc ev charging station

Features and specialty of 180 kW dc electric vehicle charging stations:

The following characteristics are listed below.

  • Protection against insulation detection, over-temperature, short circuits, leaks, lightning, anti-reverse battery protection, and more. Protection against over-voltage, under-voltage protection on the input side, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection on the output side.
  • It is fully compliant with the new national standard version and has three status indications for power supply, charging, and failure.
  • The charging station has an integrated sophisticated control system that enables customers to monitor their battery’s health and charge it appropriately. It can charge your Tesla Model 3 or other EVs in minimum times and minutes with an output power of up to 180kW. Up to 90kW/h can be charged, making it one of the quickest.
  • It will survive for many years because of its great quality and toughness. It includes a 12V/5A adaptor connection, so you may connect it straight to your car’s battery without purchasing an extra line.
  • It is safe to use and is composed of sturdy materials. It is appropriate for both private and business use.
  • An electric vehicle charging station that enables you to use power to charge your electric vehicle. It is intended to be mounted on rooftops or other appropriate surfaces.
  • Establishing a dependable renewable energy source is the first stage in developing a sustainable energy system. In light of this, we created the 180kWdc ev Charging Station. They created the ev charger, an electric car charging station.
  • It features one dc input port and two USB connections. It is an extremely quick charger. They created ev charger specifically for owners of electric vehicles who need an extra boost while on the road. Users can utilize the 180kW ev Charging stations to power their electric automobiles.

How does 180 kW dc ev charging work?

  • Direct current (DC) is instead sent straight to the battery of an electric car at DC charging stations, which converts AC before it reaches the vehicle.
  • The converter may be considerably bigger when using DC charging because it is off-board the car. It is feasible to supply more power more quickly since the current has already been converted to DC by the time it reaches the vehicle.
  • DC stations may deliver up to 180 kW dc ev charging stationof power and can completely charge an EV in 15 minutes thanks to this alternative charging method (providing the EV allows it). DC fast chargers are advantageous for passenger cars, buses, fleet vehicles, and short-stop places because of their quick charging capabilities.

Why are you choosing a 180kW dc ev charging station?

  • Decrease the charging period:

Most electric passenger vehicles can be charged to 80% using a DC fast charger in between 15 minutes, making charging while on the move quick and simple.

  • Attract loyal clients:

EV drivers are seeking dependable places to charge as EV use rises. EV charging is a potent tool for businesses targeting this well-to-do market segment to attract new clients and encourage repeat business.

  • Encourage long-lasting transformation:

Range anxiety, one of the primary obstacles to adopting electric vehicles, is lessened with more DC fast charging stations accessible, presenting your company as a leader in the transition to electric mobility.

Application of 180kW dc ev Charging Stations: 

  • This is a cutting-edge method of charging EVs. It is intended to deliver the most power possible while being very efficient.
  • Both public and private places are great candidates for these charging stations. They are simple to install and keep up.
  • You can easily and rapidly charge your automobile or another electric vehicle with the help of these charging stations.
  • It has been put to the test on several EV models, and it has been shown to function. One of the greatest EV charging stations on the market is the energizer version. It’s simple to install and furnished with all the necessary components.
  • The sole power source for the charging station is a DC one. You may use it to charge your electric car almost anyplace.
  • The charging station can power mobile gadgets as well as LED lights.
  • Our advanced technology provides a highly efficient electric vehicle charging solution. This product is designed for commercial applications and is suitable for public charging. It is easy to transport and convenient to set up and operate. 


Rapid charging ev standards are used at public charging stations. For electric vehicles, KINOUWELL offers to offer a quick charging option. The organization created a top-notch 180kW dc ev charging station to satisfy the requirements of the contemporary motorist. It is utilized for infrastructures for both public and private electric vehicle charging stations, such as those for buses or cars. When you buy an ev charging station from us, get ready to benefit from the newest technologies. Choose a dependable charging station, please. Our company has been providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective products. Infrastructures for EV charging stations, both public and private, like the most flexible charging method are this one. We provide prompt sending to our customers. The item you decide to purchase has significance. You can count on us consistently, not just once. Realizing all of your preferences are our primary goal. prefer to purchase|prepared to purchase one! It is simple to install and furnished with all the necessary components. Interest in electric car charging stations is growing along with the demand for electric automobiles. Then do not pass up this opportunity. Whenever you go, enjoy easy charging outlets!

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