Unbeatable benefits of 30 kW dc EV charging stations


What is meant by dc EV charging stations?

30 kW dc EV charging stations use a DC power supply to provide electricity to an electric vehicle. With the ability to give over 100 miles of range in just one hour of charging, it transforms AC power into DC for quicker power delivery directly to the electric vehicle battery. There is an increasing demand for dependable and practical charging stations as the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road rises. One sort of charging station that is becoming increasingly popular is the DC fast charger, which can charge an EV in minutes rather than hours. These Charging Stations provide an easy way to charge electric vehicles, like cars and trucks, and one of the most popular ways to charge electric vehicles. 

Why use a 30 kW dc EV charging stations?

Electric vehicle owners should consider investing in 30 kW dc EV charging stations because they can significantly increase the range of their EVs. 30 kW dc EV charging stations provide faster charging times and lower infrastructure costs, in addition to the advantages of content. These charging stations provide a substantially faster charge than standard Level 2 stations, and some can even match Level 3 stations in terms of speed. One of their key advantages is that electric cars emit no pollutants, which is fantastic for the environment. There are many benefits to using these sorts of charging stations, including the fact that they can charge an electric vehicle significantly faster than a standard AC charger. 

30 kW dc EV charging stations

  • Clean air commitment:

A combination of hazardous gases and compounds can be found in automotive exhaust from gas and diesel engines. In conclusion, air pollution is bad for people’s health. These dc EV charging stations may take a significant step toward cleaner air by switching as much of their local driving to electric vehicles with zero emissions. When you drive an electric car with zero tailpipe emissions, you divert various pollutants from the area around roads and power plants, including nitrogen oxides and delicate particulate matter. The air quality has significantly improved overall as a result. The air pollution that causes various diseases won’t ever be produced by them.

  • They are faster:

DC charging stations is the faster-charging station that can charge EVs up to six times faster than an AC charging station. 

  • They are convenient and easier to use:

The position of the EV charging station will be ideal for both customers and staff. The property’s value will rise if there are 30 kW dc EV charging stations on the site. Installing it is simple; you only need space for one parking place and a plug-in station.

Features of Kinouwell KW-PEVC3401 30KW Electric Car Charging Stations:

A trustworthy and secure charging method is crucial because the number of electric vehicles is growing. As an efficient alternative to conventional AC charging stations, 30 Kw dc EV charging stations offer a quick and simple way to charge your electric vehicle. They can also complete the task faster than AC charging stations. They are the world’s first 30KW rated electric vehicle charging station and want to highlight how powerful collaborative innovation can be amongst business leaders, authorities, and utilities.

  • It can be installed flexibly:

It mainly finds application in situations like tiny ground- and underground-level garage charging stations. Power modules and control components make up the system’s primary parts. It is made up of a unit, a communication unit, and a protection unit. It has flexible installation options and can perform charging start, run, monitor, and stop operations.

  • Simple and condensed:

Support column and wall mounting techniques takes up little room and cater to business and domestic use.

  • Security:

Its offers numerous security features, including SOC overcharge protection, battery overcharge protection, BMS data abnormal diagnosis, vehicle battery voltage abnormal detection, leakage protection, lightning protection, and other active protective functions.

  • Excellent compatibility:

Wide voltage output design, interoperability, real-vehicle joint debugging test, and applicability to diverse brand models are all features of these dc EV charging stations. They are also compatible with both new and old national standards.

Are dc EV charging stations beneficial for business?

  • Setting up EV Charging Stations:

When constructing a commercial dc EV charging station, there are a few things to consider as follows given below

  1. The first factor is the place. Ensure there is adequate room for people to park and charge their vehicles and that everyone can use the charger. It’s also crucial to consider the power source because of most chargers. 
  2. To install it, you must make sure you have room for one parking spot. Offering EV charging stations is another excellent strategy for luring and keeping personnel. 
  3. Commercial electric car chargers can lessen your carbon footprint, enhance the air quality, and provide a unique amenity for individuals who can charge their car while at work.
  4. With subsidies from several various organizations, including governmental and utility entities, this EV Charging Station Installation is reasonably priced.


We connect buyers and sellers through our platform and provide a safe and easy way to charge your vehicle. You need a location to charge your electric vehicle if you own one, and a 30 kW dc EV charging stations is required if you want the quickest, most effective charge. This one is one of the most potent EV charging stations on the market. The best-charging stations are now available for you to recharge your vehicle. This novel new device will change how we assess our electric automobiles. The market’s requirements, which is the global standard, were used to build these chargers. You can now enjoy driving without being concerned about running out of power. KINOUWELL provides you with beautiful and affordable charging stations according to your needs. So don’t waste this fantastic opportunity. The item you choose is worthwhile to purchase.

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