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An explanation of DC fast chargers:

The biggest and quickest EVSEs (Electric Car Supply Equipment) for charging an electric vehicle are DC (Direct Current) chargers (EV). The EV battery, also DC, is linked directly to an external AC to DC power source during DC fast-charging.200kw dc EV charger factory

 What is meant by a 200kw dc EV charger factory?

  • The fastest and most effective way to charge electric vehicles is through a200kw dc EV charger factory. They are friendly and have a large selection of chargers. You should visit the 200kw dc EV charger factory if you’re looking for a new charger for your electric car.
  • They provide many items, high-quality products, and a strong emphasis on customer service. They frequently work to recharge the batteries of electric cars. This electric car charger is a dependable ally for swiftly charging electric vehicles. These are adaptable and may be used in any space of your home or garage.
  • It would be best if you always kept a home charger on hand. Like any other charging system or technology, electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles need an EV charger to keep the battery pack charged. They have become more popular due to their numerous advantages over conventional petrol or diesel cars.

200kw dc EV charger factory

EV charger components include:

For electric automobiles, a charging station needs to be created. It contains:

  • Electrical apparatus
  • Distribution of power
  • Control mechanisms

The attractive characteristics of 200kw dc EV charger:

Maintenance: The EV Charger has to be plugged into an outlet once it begins operating; there is no ongoing maintenance required.


Design innovation: The 200kw dc EV charger factory innovative design enables it to charge an electric car up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Easy to use: These chargers are easy to use. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery when travelling or visiting family and friends.

High compatibility: It works with the majority of electric cars. High efficiency: It makes it possible to swiftly and effectively charge your vehicle.

Excellent security: High Strength material, high quality, and durability are used to make our EV chargers. Access control protection, input/output protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and over-charging protection. Protection from leaks and emergencies.

High accessibility: This great product is easily accessible.

Beautiful design and top-notch technology: Electric vehicles are driven at high speeds using the latest technology.

High level of stability: This is very stable. It supports all-electric car kinds.

High-performance: An electric charger with high performance can charge electric vehicles to 100% in 20 to 40 minutes

Applications of 200kw dc EV charger:

These EV chargers can be used for the following purposes:

  • This EV charger has the unique capacity to offer the fastest, most effective charging speed thanks to an advanced control system.
  • Electric car charging is made swift and secured thanks to it.
  • Their high power and quick charging speed make them the ideal choice when it comes to charging electric vehicles.
  • A high-power charger is one of the essential tools for charging your EV battery.
  • Electric vehicles may now be charged quickly and safely thanks to the development of the 200kw dc EV Charger.

What are the merits of using 200kw dc EV charger factory?

  • Anyone who owns an electric car needs a 200kw dc EV Charger as a piece of equipment. You can charge your vehicle more quickly and effectively thanks to it.
  • Customers may put their phone, tablet, or laptop into the EV Charger’s USB port to charge them while on the road.
  • 200kw dc EV electric chargers are essential items that might make your life more productive.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about charging whether you’re travelling or visiting family and friends because our chargers may be kept in the car.
  • Most owners of electric cars charge them anytime they leave them parked overnight at home or during the day at the grocery store, the gym, or their place of employment.
  • Instead of letting the battery drain entirely and waiting for it to recharge fully, drivers take advantage of the time their car is parked.
  • Large fleets and high mileage/distance journeys call for DC rapid charging. Drivers don’t have to plug in all night or for several hours to get a full charge; they may recharge throughout the day during a quick break.

Why select a DC quick charger?

There is an increasing need for more efficient charging options as electric transportation becomes more prevalent daily. The current answer is a fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations outfitted with powerful DC chargers. Because they enable quicker charging rates than the typical AC EV chargers that many EV owners use in their homes, DC EV chargers are a desirable choice. Today, an EV can be fully charged for 200 kilometers in 15 minutes using a 200kw dc EV charger factory. Experts anticipate that the charging time will decrease shortly as fast charging and battery technologies advance and improve. Kinouwell is the leading manufacturer of 200kw dc EV chargers.


We provide these EV chargers because KINOUWELL is a 200kw dc EV charger factory of superior quality in China. Use this high-capacity charger to recharge your device. To provide their customers with high-quality products from reputable manufacturers is their mission. On our website, a variety of products are available for purchase. When you drive an electric car, you can stop worrying about running out of gas. Be ready to use electricity to operate. To replenish these batteries as quickly as possible, fast chargers have improved in strength and efficiency. Very happy with the product’s quality and the supplier’s assistance. The product was delivered in a secure container. The company has unique EV charger technology and extensive expertise working with Fortune Global 500 firms, new energy car manufacturers, and foreign listed companies. “Safe, Intelligent, Green, and environmentally friendly” is the company’s product idea.

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