How to buy 32-amp EV charger? Ultimate Guide


32-amp EV charger
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EV chargers for electric cars

Electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. This is a much more ecological, profitable and ergonomic solution than traditional petrol cars. However, electric car owners should note that it is exceptionally important to be able to power the vehicle at all times. How can this problem solve? The solution in this case is an EV charger.

Electric car chargers – why is it worth it?

Nowadays, thanks to the dynamic development of modern technologies, electric car power supply is possible in various ways, including:

  • 32-amp EV charger, which are the equivalent of conventional gas stations,
  • Mobile chargers for electric cars.

The last few years have shown that the second solution, i.e. the electric car charger, is becoming increasingly popular among electric car owners.

What causes them to gain more and more recognition among consumers?

Above all, the electrical chargers are comfortable, safe and easy to transport. Nowadays, charging stations for electric cars are still rare. Although more and more of them are emerging every year, electric car users living in smaller towns may have problems accessing them. They are often several kilometers away from home or work!

The 32-amp EV charger for electric cars is now a solution that uses really anywhere (e.g. at home in a garage or in a parking lot). This is a convenience that gives you independence. You won’t have to search for the nearest charging station, which will likely occupy by other EV users.

What should be considered when buying an EV charger?

Purchasing a mobile device that powers electric cars is an expense of around several hundred, sometimes even several thousand euros. For this reason, you should choose a 32-amp EV charger that will serve you for years.

What criteria should you consider when making your selection? When analyzing the offers of individual power devices, the buyer should consider the following aspects, among others:

Compatibility with the most popular series of electric cars

These are, for example, Tesla, Audi E-Tron, Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona or Renault ZOE. It is also important to know whether the model equips with a type 2 connector. This is currently one of the most popular connectors in Europe.

Water tightness and durability of the case

These properties mean that the 32-amp EV charger stores even in difficult conditions without risk of damage. Models with an aluminum body are particularly resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, you should make sure that it is waterproof. Check the compliance of a specific model with the IP66 standard, which certifies its tightness.

The performance of the charger

This solution will save you a lot of time. Models with an output of 20 kW can even charge the car several hours faster! If you use the car frequently and overnight charging in the garage is out of the question, this is a key parameter for you.

Ease of use and simple operation

32-amp EV charger increasingly equips with an LCD display. This allows you to keep track of such parameters as charging progress, operating temperature, session duration and many other details.

Convenience of use

In order to use the advantages of the mobile charger in a comfortable way, you should choose a model with a long cable. Nowadays, devices with a 6-meter cable can be found on the market.
32-amp EV charger 2022

Elegant design

 Although this is a secondary aspect and the technical parameters remain the most important, do not go for the chunkiest model.

32-amp EV charger: charging an electric car at home


Among the many benefits of zero-emission electric driving is the ability to charge your electric vehicle at home. Despite all the attention paid to public charging stations, most electric vehicles charge overnight at home. According to some statistics, more than 80% of electric cars charge at home.

WALLBOX electric car charging station

The world of electric car chargers for the home has undergone rapid development in recent years, away from the time-consuming and risky charging using the familiar household plug. Nowadays, consumers benefit from safe, fast and smart home charging stations.

Household Kinouwell KW-T1

32-amp EV charger offers a lot of advantages. The competition and innovation of charging solutions has increased rapidly. Depending on customer requirements, charging stations can now equip with functions such as:

  • Remote control and charging status display via a mobile app
  • Network connection via WIFI, Bluetooth or UMTS (4G)
  • Communication with the home power grid and with your electric car for optimal charging
  • Smart home integration, e.g. feeding in the in-house photovoltaic system

Billing of the company car charging current consumption separately from the private vehicle by means of recognition via contactless RFID technology

We strongly advise plug-in electric car owners not to charge their vehicle from a domestic socket. We recommend using a dedicated home charger that is safe and meets your customer expectations.

32-amp EV charger: single phase/ three phase power supply

In contrast to some European countries, the majority of German households already have a three-phase power connection. This is an ideal prerequisite for charging an electric vehicle. In contrast, in the UK for example, most households only have a single-phase electricity supply, meaning less electricity supplies to homes!

Although a number of homes EV charging points can deliver up to 22kW, charging power typically limit to 11kW. This is due to the Federal Government (KFW) funding for charging points in private households, which stipulates a maximum charging capacity of 11 kW. However, this is sufficient to charge your electric car overnight.

A full charge by 32-amp EV charger can reached in 8 hours. Of course, this depends on a number of factors, such as B. the size of the electric car battery and the charge level of your electric vehicle.

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