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EV box charger
EV industry value chain and manufacturers of EV chargers

As you might expect, as a new sector such as electric driving grows, a number of new providers will emerge to serve the needs of the inevitable customer base. The global and German EV market has certainly seen a number of new companies emerge in the EV box charger industry value chain, including manufacturers of EV chargers.

Therefore, as a consumer, we encourage you to understand the manufacturer’s background and track record in some detail. The greater the track record, the healthier the company and the more secure it is to remain a long-term partner for you as a consumer.

EV box charger: electric car charging points internationally

Of course, the more established a manufacturer is, the higher the probability that the company will be able to fulfill all claims within the warranty period. Of course, the future cannot be predicted and even an established company can go bankrupt.

However, by choosing a company with a longer track record, you as a consumer reduce your risk, which means you protect your investment.

Electric car charging station with ev box charger

Home EV charging stations come with different warranties, but usually the warranty is 2 years. Some manufacturers offer the possibility of a warranty extension for an additional charge.

Always choose the performance of an EV box charger and not just the design.

Yes, design is important, but don’t make it the key factor in choosing an EV charging station at home. Seduction by design is a humane yet dangerous approach for any product segment, but even more so for charging points.

Think like an investor when purchasing an EV charging station, i.e. protect your investment by future-proofing it. Therefore, take a look at the technical specifications in detail. You should aim to use the charging station for at least three years, if not much longer. You can read the detailed technical specifications of an electric car charging point on the e-zoomed shop.

EV box charger: electric car charging points for private households

We recommend purchasing a “Smart Control Charging Station” (SMART EV Charging Point). These plug-in car chargers can communicate, handle more data and have far more functionality, usually via WIFI, Bluetooth or a built-in SIM card.

A prerequisite for the granting of the KFW subsidy of €900 per charging point for charging at home is – among other things – the use of “ intelligently controlled charging stations“, which means that the charging station must be able to communicate with other components of the electricity network, for example to limit the charging power.

If an EV box charger is not smart (does not have intelligent controls), it does not qualify for the grant. To be sure, please read our blog article on KFW funding.

Charging stations with a fixed cable or with a type 2 socket?

With a wired electric car charger, the charging cable is already permanently connected to the charging station with a certain length. A charging station with a type 2 socket is a charging point to which no cable is attached. They are also referred to as charging points with “socket” or “socket”.

Both wired and wireless EV charging points have their respective advantages and disadvantages. EV box charger therefore depends on the specific needs of a household which one is most suitable. For example, if a household only intends to charge a type 2 electric car, and mainly at home, then a wired charging point can be a good solution.

Our top recommendation for electric car charging stations

EV box charger 2022

Wall-box Pulsar Plus home EV charging station

Main features

  • Charger type: fixed 5 m charging cable
  • Intelligent: Yes
  • Charging power: 22 kW
  • Cable Type: Type 2
  • KFW funding: Yes
  • Weight: 1 kg (without cable)
  • Guarantee: 2 years

EV-Box home EV charging station

Main features

  • Charger type: Type 2 socket
  • Intelligent: Yes
  • Charging power: 3.7kW to 22kW
  • Cable type: Type 2 (no fixed charging cable)
  • KFW funding: Yes
  • Weight: 3 kg, 3-phase 32A station with socket
  • Warranty: 2 years (extendable to 5 years)
  • Product price: €945 (including VAT)

KINOUWELL home EV charging station

Main features

  • Charger type: fixed charging cable, 6.5 m
  • Intelligent: Yes
  • Charging power: 7 kW
  • Cable Type: Type 2
  • KFW funding: Yes
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Product price: €900 (including VAT)

EV box charger: a perfect length for charging at home

On the other hand, if a household expects to charge various Type 2 electric cars and use public charging stations, then a socket-only (wireless) charging station may be more appropriate. With a pure plug-in charging station, both Type 1 and Type 2 EV charging cables can be used.

So, if a guest arrives with an electric car, you can be sure that they can use the charging station! Of course, you can also take the EV charging cable with you in your car to charge at public charging stations. We at e-zoomed recommend a 5m EV box charger, a perfect length for charging at home and at public EV charging points.

So to sum up, the cheapest is never the best when it comes to buying a charging station for your home. Investing in a quality charging station is the best way to future-proof your investment.

Are electric cars also good for longer distances? Which factors are important? And what do you have to look out for when deciding on a long-distance model?

Charging technology is crucial for long-distance capability

E-cars are suitable for long-distance journeys if they charge enough energy for 200 kilometers in 30 minutes

Particularly important: the charging strategy of the EV box charger

Time is a precious commodity. Especially at work, but increasingly also in private life. No wonder, then, that we are always careful to get to our destination as quickly as possible, even when we are traveling by car. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a business meeting, on the way to the cinema or to your holiday destination.

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