ALPR Parking Management System, making your parking more convenient


Parking management, the trend is towards paperless / no card parking, and so ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) system is becoming more and more popular. The vehicle come to the entrance/ exit, the features such as number plates, vehicle models and colors would be taken pictures and uploaded to the backend, then the characters recognized, divided and identified in the backend software. After recognition, the boom barrier will open automatically.


Feature of ALPR parking management system:


1. white list & Black list

Licenses plate number could be registered in the software. When the drivers pass through, the system can automatically recognizes and identify, which is white list; and so it could also set the blacklist, which is not allowed to enter;

2. Paperless system

No need ticket or card again, easy to manage in the backend;

3.Convenience and fast parking in the parking lot

The drivers don’t need to stop the car and roll down the window at entrance gate to take the card or ticket, which save time, and so the entire parking would be much faster in the parking lot;

4. Security enhanced and easy for future expansion

Pictures will be taken of every car that enters the parking lot and all data would be saved in the software. If expansion needed in the future, the facilities can be replaced or new equipment can be added to the system;

5. Pay station

It could be at the exit or at the center by cashier or by auto pay machine.


Operation flow of parking system:


ALPR Parking Management System-1


ALPR parking system includes entry and exit LPR device, barrier gate and backend management software;


Parameters of LPR device:

Recognition rate: >98%
Recognition speed: <80km/h
Size: 400*1200mm  Material: A3 steel T=2.0mm
Working temperature: ±60℃
Power consumed: 100W
Power supply: 220V/110V
Communication: TCP/IP, 485 Configuration
License plate recognition Camera
Weatherproof Housing
High Light Compensation
Camera lens (4.5-12mm)Automatic aperture)
Display pole  Power supply
Vehicle detector
Recognition module
control board
Complementary material


Auto pay station is also our quite competitive equipment, which we had supplied for Guangzhou International Airport. A fully solution could be offered to you, just send us email and tell us your quantity enquire:


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