Top Sale Wheel Clamps from Kinouwell Smart Parking Manufacturer


Wheel clamp, also called car tire lock, wheel clamp lock, parking boot, wheel boot, is a device that lock the tire of the vehicles. They can be used for illegal parking punishment, traffic unpaid fine enforcement, personal used to prevent the vehicles from being stolen by thief.


KINO Smart Parking is the professional manufacturer of car wheel clamps/wheel boot/tire locks in China. As year 2018 draws to close, the 6 top selling wheel clamps came out.


Top Sale Wheel Clamps -1


There are same features of these wheel clamps.

√ easy to lock and unlock.

√ strong steel material and heavy duty.

√ anti-theft, protect the vehicle from being stolen.

√ adjustable wheel diameter and width.

√ suitable for private use or traffic illegal parking enforcement.


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