Benefits of Parking Lot Payment Machines


What are the Advantages of parking lot payment machines

Different entities have started to use automated parking lot payment machines that are the fastest growing technology around the world. City garages, shopping centers, universities, and airports are a few examples of such entities. The reason behind the popularity of these machines is the many significant features that they offer. The ease and security that these machines offer to users are what making this technology immensely popular today.

parking lot payment machines

Today, we will talk about the benefits and different types of parking lot payment solutions available. It should help you decide why and which parking lot payment solution is suitable for your entity.

Types of Parking Lot Payment Machines

Generally, there are two types of parking lot payment machines available. You have the option to choose between attended and unattended payment terminals. Here is a brief introduction of the two types of parking lot payment solutions:

1. Attended Payment Terminals

This is a parking lot payment solution that is activated by a sales assistant for completing the transaction. Therefore, the customer will face or pass the payment machine at the POS (point-of-sale), whether it is continuously charged or a wire-free pin pad. You can see the examples of an attended payment solution in a retail environment and restaurants where a staff member brings a pin pad for transaction at the customer table.

2. Unattended Payment Terminals

It is a type of payment solution that the customer activates himself for the transaction. Thus, the payment machine must be tamper-proof and securely enclosed to ensure security. Parking lot payment machines are the perfect example of unattended payment terminals. You will also find these terminals in car parks, vending machines, train stations, and also in temperamental environments because these machines have an IP65 rating. Therefore, these machines are ideal for all types of users and weather. These machines cost more, but they are much more secure and convenient than attended machines.

An attended payment solution relies on a staff member for activation. On the other hand, unattended payment machines are activated by the customers. Unattended parking lot payment machines are suitable for areas where you don’t want to have a staff member activating the transaction.

Benefits of Parking Lot Payment Machines

The main objective behind automated parking lot payment solutions is to expedite the process through automation. These machines use low-cost sensors, applications, and real-time data to help users find the available parking lots in the area. Therefore, the user will not waste time by manually searching for the vacant spots in the parking lot.

Some parking lot payment machines offer extra features, such as online parking payments, parking time alerts, and even vehicle searching features. However, such machines cost much more than a standard parking lot payment machine. Take a look at the following benefits of an automatic parking lot payment solution.

1. Optimized Parking

Motorists can find the available spot quickly, saving effort and resources. The parking area fills up well and corporate and commercial entities can utilize the space properly. These are the benefits that you don’t get with manual marking.

2. Uninterrupted Traffic Flow

Motorists find the available parking spot conveniently without wasting any time, so the traffic flow will stay uninterrupted. It means reduced traffic, so the drivers will not be stuck in the traffic searching for the vacant spots unlike what we experience with manual parking.

3. Less Air Pollution

Did you know that an unattended parking lot machine can also add in less air pollution? Wasting unnecessary time in searching for the parking lot burns extra oil. According to a study, approximately one million oil barrels are burned every day in search of parking lots. Unattended parking lot payment machines are the most optimal solution that decreases the driving time significantly. Therefore, these machines help in lowering vehicle emission amounts daily which ultimately minimizes the worldwide environmental footprint.

4. Improved User Experience

An unattended parking solution integrates the user experience by combining various actions. For example, a parking lot payment machine includes features like driver’s payment, location search, time notifications, and spot identifications. Therefore, the overall user experience can be enhanced by installing unattended parking lot machines.

5. Additional Revenue Streams

You can introduce extra revenue streams with the automated parking lot payment technology. For instance, a lot owner may allow tiered payment dependent on the location of the parking area. Furthermore, you can integrate reward programs into your existing model which encourages repeat users.

6. Integrated POS and Payments

A returning motorist can replace manual, daily cash payments using application payments and account invoicing from their smartphone. This can also enable valued user feedback and loyalty programs.

7. Improved Safety

Modern-day parking lot payment machines contain all data related to parking lot security guards, employees. Pertinent footages of the license plate of vehicles are also possible with cameras. It helps in preventing suspicious activities and parking violations. Moreover, minimized spot-searching vehicles on the road can minimize the chances of accidents that may happen due to the parking search distraction.

8. Trend Insight and Real-Time Data

An unattended parking solution produces important data over time which reveals trends and correlations of lots and users. Lot owners can use these trends to make necessary improvements and adjustments for the drivers. Therefore, real-time data and insights are also the important benefits of these machines.

9. Less Management Cost

More automation means less need for manual activity. Thus, it saves extra labor costs, while also saving on resource exhaustion. These machines are a costly investment upfront, but they prove cost-efficient in the long run.

10. Improved Brand Image

When users are getting a smooth experience, it significantly boosts the image of the brand. Whether it is an airport, a corporate office, or a shopping mall, motorists will be happy with the convenience factors and seamless technology.

parking lot payment machines


The above-discussed benefits are evidence of how advantageous these parking lot payment machines are. These machines are a profitable investment for all companies and entities in many ways. We must use this technology to overcome the parking inefficiencies, while also enjoying many additional benefits. Therefore, it is worth investing in these parking lot payment solutions that make the user experience convenient and straightforward.

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