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Investing in Unattended Parking Payment Machine 

Parking inefficiencies are one of the major issues that motorists are facing today across the globe. Though event venues and municipalities work hard to evade traffic delays and gridlocks, parking still needs perfect management. It is usually the drivers who halt the traffic while looking for a vacant place in the parking lot. Unnecessary delays in searching parking spots make the situation worse and commuters just don’t like it. This is where a parking payment machine becomes an ideal solution. It makes the flow of traffic halt-free and convenient.

parking payment machine

There are two types of parking payment solutions; attended and unattended parking solutions. In this article, we will help you understand the importance of an unattended parking payment solution and why you should choose it. Therefore, let’s start with why these payment machines have become important in this era.

Importance of Unattended Parking Payment Machine

The majority of consumers in the United States are now using debit cards instead of cash. According to a survey, 51% of people prefer using debit cards and credit cards vs. 26% of those who still use cash for completing transactions. Therefore, almost every second driver would want to quickly tap or dip their payment cards. And, this is only possible with an unattended parking payment machine instead of paying cash at the booth.

An appropriate parking payment solution can also identify the challenges that private parking entity managers and parking authorities face. Another important reason why you should switch to an unattended parking payment solution is that it reduces the labor costs because the motorists themselves will be activating the machine for the transaction.

Why You Should Choose Unattended Parking Payment Machines?

We have discussed the significance of unattended parking payment solutions above. You may have a question that why you should choose this technology for your business. There are various kinds of paid-parking operations and parking facilities. Therefore, there are several unattended payment solutions to meet the requirements of these facilities and operations.

Here are the different benefits and options for which you can choose unattended parking payment solution for your business:

1. One-Time Parking Payment Lane

Paying the parking fee using your payment card is the most convenient transaction method when the driver enters and exits the parking lot. The driver simply taps or inserts the card or uses his mobile wallet for activation of the parking facility gate. After that, the payment solution creates the parking token. When he reinserts the credit card at the exit, the unattended payment solution deducts the parking fee from the card by calculating the time spent.

Moreover, there is no need for paper ticketing, which is an additional benefit of using an unattended parking payment machine in your facility. It doesn’t only helps our environment, but also save operating costs.

2. Permit Parking

If you are running a permit parking garage for the motorists, then these parking payment solutions can make the parking process straightforward with automation. There is no need for a dedicated staff member operating the payment machine as the drivers themselves would be activating the payment machine. This automation expedites the process and no need for a dedicated staff member reduces your facility overhead.

An unattended parking payment solution identifies permitted vehicles with the help of vehicle plate recognition or RFID for entry. The billing process is also more convenient and easier. Some machines feature an “Account Updater” that clients can use to rest assured that the payment information is always updated. Ultimately, it reduces declined charges numbers and the queries that you may need to make to your customers.

3. Metered Parking

Motorists often use metered parking to pay the parking fee for municipal parking. However, some solutions allow them to pay using the official mobile app of the unattended parking payment machine. Therefore, municipalities can use these machines to increase the percentage of collecting parking fees, while saving on additional employee costs.

4. Walk-Up Payment Kiosk

Walk-up payment kiosk technology is a must for many parking lots and parking garages. Drivers get the ticket while entering the parking facility. Then, they insert this ticket into the kiosk for paying the fee before they return to the vehicle. This ticket has payment proof on a barcode or magnetic strip that allows the driver to exit the parking lot quickly. This fast procedure makes sure there are no traffic halts and unnecessary delays.

5. Improved User Experience

All the above-listed benefits of unattended parking payment systems ensure an overall improved user experience. When visitors are happy with your overall standards, your brand image would touch new heights. Ultimately, it will result in adding value to your business. Therefore, you should switch from manual parking payments to automated, unattended parking payment solutions.

Unattended Payment System Implementation Requirements

There are certain requirements, elements, and capabilities you need to know before implementing an unattended parking payment machine in your business. These include ease of integration, durability, timely updates, payment security, NFC, and EMV technology. These machines go through immense wear and tear daily and sometimes exposed to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, you need a rigid machine that can resist such wear and tear for a longer lifespan.

It is also essential to ensure top-notch payment security. Customers never do business with organizations with cheap security standards. Therefore, make sure that the machine you are buying offers unparalleled security to the users. Also, make sure that the vendor helps you with regular system updates to cope with the arising challenges with the time.

parking payment machine


An unattended parking payment machine is rising in across the world for the ease and security it offers to the users. You must use this type of parking payment solution in your parking lot to help visitors park their vehicles conveniently and securely. These automated machines make the parking process super-fast while building a solid company image. Therefore, look for a highly durable and reliable parking payment solution today to make your parking lots a complete convenience for the motorists.

You can contact us for more information about the different types of parking payment machines and their applications.

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