Where and how to find a best home charging station?



Although there is already best home charging station with EV chargers in Europe, the vast majority of charging stations install in the country is for collective use. In the case of residential applications, the predominance is of installations in the garages of buildings and condominiums.

best home charging station

Especially in cities with incentives or laws that make the installation of chargers mandatory. Since April 2021, it requires the least one electric car charging point in new buildings).

Best home charging station Electric car charging point

Outside of residential use, there are already several cases of European companies or governments that acquired fleets of electric vehicles.  Consequently, it also installs chargers to keep cars fueled.

It has a 100% electric Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) fleet and makes electric cars available for residents. They wish to travel in public roads.

Discover here several existing charging stations in Europe.

Another strong trend in Europe is that of corporate buildings that have equipment to supply employees’ private electric vehicles. In addition to the company’s own electric cars. There are already many corporations that do not deal with technological innovation only in speech and adapt from now on to the future of electric mobility.

Finally, best home charging station facilities in commercial and leisure centers have also grown at a rapid pace. It comes from large shopping malls to small neighborhood establishments. Moreover, this provides customers with the possibility to charge their cars while consuming some service.

​​Is charging Electric Vehicles free or charged in Europe?

Although charging for using the charger already allows the most common thing in Europe is still being able to recharge for free. This is because most commercial establishments that invest in this type of solution seek. It is much more to attract a new audience, standing out from the competition than, necessarily, to make this operation profitable.

In addition to innovation, when it comes to collective charging points, we are talking about convenience. Entrepreneur, it is a great opportunity to attract new customers, increase the frequency or duration of their visits to their establishments.

Electric car charging station

Naturally, with the increase in this best home charging station of demand, in the coming years this service should no longer be free for vehicle owners. It will become another source of revenue for investors in this market.

 There is already a regulation for this sector and the trend is that in the future there will be charging for recharges in places. Moreover, these are supermarkets, malls and other businesses that already have chargers for EVs in their spaces.

For now, however, it is possible to enjoy this benefit in different places. Check out some of our projects by clicking here and find out where you can charge your electric vehicle in several cities in Europe.

​​How many Electric Vehicle Recharge Points are there in Europe?

In Europe, with a fleet of electric cars still small (check here for the most current data), the best home charging station for EVs is gradually being structure.

 Currently, a growing number of condominiums already offer charging stations for their residents. There are several charging points in supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, gas stations. Similarly, these are private places such as companies and parking lots.

Understand the speed of market growth in the country:

It is difficult to specify the total number of chargers for electric cars in the country. The registration of these best home charging station is not mandatory. Even when the use is public and it is also difficult to control the number of residential developments that install them. Some surveys, however, help to perceive the speed of market growth in the country:

best home charging station 2022

An example is the data released by the European Association of Electric Vehicles (ABVE). It estimates the number of electric stations in Europe at 500 in March 2021 and already 754 in July of the same year (an incredible jump of 50.8% in just a few months).

Regulation on best home charging station Electric Vehicles in Europe

The regulation allows any interested party to install chargers for private or public use, regardless of the type of equipment. It provides that a list provides to the agency, with the need to update in cases. Such as an increase or decrease in load and voltage level change.9–

The rule states that “any interested party allows carrying out electric vehicle charging activities. Regulation allows commercialization of charging points for electric vehicles.

  • Regulation still does not allow charging for energy.
  • A solution may be charging for recharge time, as only energy concessionaires for selling energy.

​Where and how to find a best home charging station?

It is very common for people to ask themselves where to find best home charging station or charging stations for electric cars, and whether these charging points are paid or not. Many drivers, even, are still apprehensive before purchasing an electric vehicle for fear of accessibility to charging points.

To facilitate the location of charging points in your city, there are already several websites and applications that show which charging station is closest to your location, whether there is a charge or not, if it is being use, if it reserves, available, or , even under maintenance.

The Popularity of Electric Cars

The electric car continues to gain popularity over time. More recharging points are installed in all cities. The sale prices of vehicles are reduced. Similarly, drivers are increasingly seduced by the numerous advantages of move to this new sustainable mobility.

 This aims to become the predominant one of the future. However, many still do not know the total number of charging stations available.

Summary best home charging station

Although recharging an electric car at public points is not particularly expensive (around 0.4 euros per kWh), owners are recommended to install one at home to save costs. This, in the long run, will be the option more profitable, allowing us to greatly reduce the traditional costs associated with diesel and gasoline.

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