Easiest Guide to Use Universal Electric Car Charger in 2022


Electric Car Charger for Home Use (for home charging)

Still uncommon, universal electric car charger tends to grow rapidly as the country’s electric car fleet increases. It is natural that this happens here since the predominance of domestic charging is already a worldwide reality:

Universal Electric Car Charger

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), around 80% of electric car recharges worldwide are carried out in the homes of the owners themselves. .

Faster and smart universal electric car charger

At home, charging an electric or hybrid vehicle does not need to be as fast as at public charging stations.

Because of this factor, it is not necessary for the charger use to advance charging systems such as the Fast Charger. This allows faster charging or the Smart function. Moreover, it controls the access of some chargers and indicates above all for collective recharges.

Universal electric car chargers are ideal for homes. Although, it is also interests to buy a portable charger. We can carry along with the car and use at home or outside to fill the electric car battery in case of emergencies.

There are product combine the two features and bring even more practicality.  Since it is possible to transport them when convenient and also simply fix them to a wall.

​​Recharge Point for Use in Condominiums

The need is different when comparing charging in a house (in which usually only one family lives). We can install in residential building/condominium. Moreover, it comes with a several apartments that share is same garage.

In the same way a family living in a house will benefit greatly from the convenience of having a universal electric car charger. It can be in their garage, residents of residential buildings. It can also enjoy the advantages of charging their electric or hybrid car in the condominium itself. It does not depend on public electricity stations.

For collective residential use, it recommends that the chargers are of the Wall box type, fixed to one or more easily accessible walls in the garage.

Electric vehicle charging station in condominium

The sooner they realize that electric mobility is the future of the automotive sector. The more commercial establishments will benefit from the transition. That is already happening from traditional combustion cars to electric cars.

 While there are still few charging stations, retailers can offer their customers a great advantage. They provide charging points for electric or hybrid vehicles.

The possibilities are diverse

 Stores can make the charging station an extra source of resources. Charging for each vehicle to charge, using the Smart function and access control) or make the universal electric car charger available for free to their customers. This is an interesting way to add value to the establishment. Similarly, it offers customers the possibility to enjoy its service and make purchases while leaving the electric vehicle charging).


Residential chargers can attract public in large shopping centers

In general, Parking type chargers recommend for businesses, as they are more robust and offer a greater number of features than residential chargers. This type of universal electric car charger can install both in large shopping centers. Moreover, these are shopping malls and supermarkets. We can install even in small and medium-sized establishments (such as bakeries, restaurants and neighborhood stores).

Ideally, the charger should install in the commercial parking lot or at some point of easy access for cars, with the customer’s convenience in mind.

To attract the public, it is interesting that the trade install a robust and fast charger, aiming to meet the expected large number of vehicles with maximum efficiency.

Commercial establishments that can’t install a charger in their parking

Any place with a large circulation of people will benefit from this type of universal electric car charger. These are airports, bus stations, parks, clubs or leisure centers and services in general. An electric vehicle charger is always a differentiator that draws attention.

We have already talked about the practicality and convenience of charging an electric car inside the house or in the condominium. But the same logic also applies to companies.  After all, electric cars have become popular. Similarly, working hours will be a good opportunity to make refills.

Companies that offer parking for their employees will stand out if they already install parking.  Universal electric car chargers allows employees or collaborators to charge their cars while they work. The option can be a benefit of the company to the employees.

 It is also possible to implement a charging system by recharge, using the Smart function.

Charging Point for Electric Vehicle in Parking

Imagine the practicality: leaving your electric car parked and coming back with it 100% charged. It is unusual, nowadays, for a parking lot to have the service of a gas, alcohol or diesel station.

It is not recommended that cars remain close to sources of flammable fuel for longer periods, than the charging itself). However, with the transition to electric mobility already underway, the tendency is that the possibility of charging a vehicle when parking it becomes very common.
Universal Electric Car Charger 2022

Battery charging is one of the most important steps during parking

It expects that parking lots will undergo some adaptations. It is to start receiving more electric cars as the number of vehicles of this type increases year by year. Within this reality, having charging points for the battery of electric vehicles is one of the most important steps.

Among the many opportunities that this transition offers, there is the possibility that parking lot owners will start charging their daily rates. It’s not only for the hours that a car remains in the place, but also for the time of refueling while the vehicle is there.

In other words: a driver can leave his car in a spot for 3 hours and pay an amount x for it. A full charge of the vehicle’s battery with universal electric car charger within this period is good. Moreover, parking can add an additional amount.


For a car park, in addition to being robust, it is very important that a universal electric car charger has the Smart function. It is also able to control access and charge, in addition to offering the main features to carry out quick recharges. Car turnover is usually high in a parking lot, so it expects to use a high power charger with high charging speed, usually the Parking type.

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