Where to get best home ev charger in 2022?


Practical tips: Charge e-cars at home and on the go

Charging is part of driving an electric car, just like refueling a combustion engine. For everyone who has little or no practical experience charging their vehicle: some practical tips and information about best home ev charger is here.

best home ev charger

The battery doesn’t always have to be full

For the lifespan of an e-car battery, moderate charging and discharging are gentler in the long term than extreme ones.

In everyday life, a battery charge between 20% and 80% is completely sufficient and also saves the battery.

It is best to recharge as early as possible with best home ev charger. So recharge your batteries more often, even if the remaining range would easily be enough until the end of the day or the journey.

Best home ev charger is also a type thing

But not every owner of an e-car will make the optimization of the service life a top priority. After all, you don’t always think long before you charge your smartphone. After all, charging should also be quick and convenient.

Reassuring: one reads about surprisingly long-lasting electric car batteries in practical reports and forums much more often than the opposite. If the battery runs out too early, the manufacturer’s guarantee usually applies, depending on the brand and conditions.

Your own charging behavior is therefore a matter of type. Just like dealing with your own vehicle has always been. There are users who like to drive dynamically, maintain a sporty driving style and always use fast chargers when available. Others, on the other hand, treat their e-car as gently as possible.

On the go: loading can be turned into an experience

E-car drivers use best home ev charger at motorway service stations or similar points on longer journeys to take a break. It can be used for snack, work, and conversation or simply relaxing. The good news: With today’s loading speeds, the break is usually over quickly.

Some can simply be directed from the on-board or smartphone navigation system to the nearest charging station. Other drivers also take a look at the location and surroundings. Is there a café, a beautiful view, an opportunity to shop or stroll? The charging phase can be used sensibly.

Customer card or app starts the charging process on the go

Not only is the location of a charging station relevant. When choosing, e-car drivers also take into account the access requirements and charging station tariffs.

 The user usually starts the charging process with a best home ev charger. The plastic card has the advantage that it does not require internet access on the customer side.

This internet access in the form of WLAN or cellular network is usually required if you use an app instead of a customer card. Starting and ending with a card is therefore usually a little more reliable than with an app.

With the plastic card, it works even if you don’t have a network yourself or the smartphone battery is empty. Recommendation: take both with you.

Best home ev charger and charging apps with added value

Some providers also distribute small, wirelessly functioning chips that usually cost a few euros, for example for the key fob, which you hold in front of the scanner of the charging station instead of a customer card and thus activate the latter. Here the added value lies in the space-saving and, for some, practical format.

Why not just use the customer card or the chip on the key fob and not an app? The fact that the apps offer overview maps of the charging stations speaks in favor of using both options. Even whether the charging stations are free and ready for use can often be checked remotely in advance.

The good news: With many providers, you don’t have to choose between a customer card and an app. You get both.

Where to get best home ev charger?

Car manufacturers also often offer best home ev charger that display the status and progress of the charging process, even remotely via the Internet. These apps also show the locations of charging stations. The on-board navigation system can also usually show the way to the charging station in an e-car.

best home ev charger 2022

You can also find out more about charging stations on independent websites. They often do not even reveal whether the charging station is in a parking lot, on the side of the road or in a parking garage.

You can find out more from the independent websites and their apps. There you can also get tips on what is known as “loading time”. This is a new made-up word from the e-mobility community. It means:

Can you have a coffee or something to eat while the vehicle is charging?

Google Maps and other map service providers are only slowly catching up. In the meantime, more and more charging stations are appearing in the map service on Google, but the information is still too far from being complete.

Best home ev charger will certainly improve. Since autumn 2019 there have even been indications that in the future it will be possible to pay directly for charging via Google Maps and Google Pay. Then Apple and others should follow suit. The e-car driver is moving into the focus of high-tech and lifestyle brands: more comfort is in sight.

So that you can pay while charging on the go

Direct payment by credit is rarely possible. Therefore, e-car drivers are usually customers of a charging network provider and receive the aforementioned access cards, apps or chips from them. But which charging network do you choose?

Large-scale roaming agreements have long been in place between providers of charging stations. With a card from provider A, I can also charge at provider B. The prices are different. Roaming (using station A with a card from provider B) does not always have to be more expensive than using the card from the provider who set up the station.

How can we pay for electric charging?

A little reading is the order of the day. In the past, bills were often based on time, now almost all based on power consumption. In some cases, however, the providers charge additional fees for the idle time, some only after a waiting period of up to four hours.

Sometimes flat rates are set regardless of time and amount of energy. There are all conceivable variants.

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