How does charge point home charger determine the range of car?


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How far can I get with an electric car? Will it replace my gasoline engine or do I have to be afraid of getting stuck halfway? A lot has happened in charge point home charger recent years. The cars are becoming more and more economical, the ranges ever greater. But how is the range of an e-car measured at all?

When we talk about the range of electric cars, we usually refer to the manufacturer’s range specification. However, many ask themselves: How reliable is this information? Can it really be transferred to everyday use?

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How do the automakers determine the range?

Why do the car manufacturers’ measurements differ from the real values?

What can affect the range?

Which electric car is right for me?

How do the automakers determine the range?

If you look at different e-models on the websites of the car manufacturers, sooner or later you will stumble across the abbreviation WLTP or NEFZ. These are standardized procedures by means of which the consumption of cars determines under certain conditions.

 Since all cars go through test under the same conditions, it is possible to compare the ranges of e-cars.

This is about a 20-minute drive of the car on a test bench. Various conditions simulate charge point home charger, such as:

  • a city trip
  • an overland trip at a certain speed

 What is measured is what the car is consuming during this process. However, there has been criticism of this driving cycle in the past. It considers not very practical. The consumption values ​​in everyday use of the electric car usually deviate significantly from those of the simulation.

The vehicle manufacturers therefore also welcomed the introduction of a new measurement method in 2017.

E-car charge point home charger

In order to simulate the consumption values ​​more closely in everyday life, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has developed a new measurement method called WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Test Procedure).

As the name suggests, the new process of charge point home charger is used all over the world. In USA, new vehicles registered for the first time must have been tested according to the WLTP since September 1, 2019.


The new test cycle differs from the previous one in that the temperature in the test chamber is exactly 23 degrees Celsius and both the distance of 23 kilometers and the cycle of 30 minutes are longer.

Why do the car manufacturers’ measurements differ from the real values?

Every driver drives differently. One likes to travel fast, the other prefers to drive with foresight. It is difficult to represent these different driving styles in a standardized test procedure.

 The charge point home charger measurement process therefore only provides approximate values ​​with which you can compare different cars with each other.

Even if the values ​​according to WLTP are somewhat closer to the actual consumption, the values ​​will often deviate from them in everyday life.

The measurements can only simulate the conditions on the roads but don’t go into all the influences that depend heavily on the driving behavior of the respective driver.

What can affect the range of charge point home charger?

Over time, you will get a feeling for how your personal driving style affects the range of your e-car. The following three factors, for example, have an influence on the battery life.

If you are still unsure which electric car is right for you and your driving behavior, we recommend the driving simulator in charge point home charger.

Easily evaluate journeys in your combustion vehicle and, on this basis, have e-cars suggested that match your driving profile. You can then compare all the models available in USA with your individual driving behavior.

Driving style

If you drive carefully, you consume less, not just with the combustion engine. You can increase the range of an electric car by driving steadily at medium speed and rarely accelerating strongly. Many models have a battery-saving energy-saving mode.

 If you turn it on, for example, the car will accelerate less when you step on the gas. In addition, energy guzzlers such as the air conditioning are operated to a limited extent.

Blind dates are not your thing?

With the driving simulator of the app, you can find out which electric car suits you.

Outside temperature

The outside charge point home charger temperature also has an impact on the range of your e-car. The chemical reactions that take place in the battery require more energy when it is cold. You will therefore go further with one battery charge in summer than in winter.

Charge point home charger Technology used in the car

Both in summer and in winter, the more technology you use in the car, the faster the battery will discharge. This applies to the heating as well as to the air conditioning. Of course, you shouldn’t be cold or sweaty while driving.

 However, you can try to set the systems as low as possible or to throttle them when a comfortable temperature has been reached in the car. Incidentally, this is no longer so critical with newer models. The manufacturers are working on making the built-in systems more and more economical.
charge point home charger 2022

Which charge point home charger is right for me?

In fact, the actual range of a car does not play a very important role in everyday life. There is the right e-car with the optimal range for every need.

It always depends on charge point home charger. If you travel a lot in the city and mainly drive short distances – This may not have the range of a Tesla, but that is not necessary in the city. After all, you will find numerous ways to charge your speedster in urban areas.

E-car is charged at a charging station

Those who mainly drive short distances are well served with a city runabout.

If, on the other hand, you often drive longer distances, it can make sense to buy an e-car with a longer range. With ranges of up to 610 km (according to WLTP), the Tesla is always at the forefront. But other manufacturers also offer cars with a longer range, such as Kia with the e-Soul.

But even on longer journeys you don’t have to worry about the range of your e-car. After all, there are more and more rapid charging stations, and not just on motorways.

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