11 Best parking space blocker System in 2021: Pros & Cons


parking space blocker
With a real industry, which in 2019 handled more than $ 16 billion, parking space blocker  came to facilitate and automate the flow of entrances and exits for these companies.

Thus, we will see a complete list of the best space blockers of 2020, which can help your business to have more sustainability and much more practicality on a daily basis.

1. ABCPark parking space blocker

First of all, ABCPark is a practical and complete parking space blocker  for the routine of any parking lot (or car wash).

In addition, among the solutions that this software offers are the control of shifters/hourly workers, registration with personalized control, agreements and special price conditions.

So, if you’re looking for greater security, printing inbound and outbound coupons and more control over cash flow, visit ABCPark!

2. Parkeer parking space blocker

The Parkeer is a space blocker for parking that performs operational control of its establishment safely and efficiently.

Thus, in addition to being a low-cost solution, the software has several features aimed at optimizing your routine, such as smart billing, notations and reminders, v ouchers, the growth of services such as car wash, car wash, wax, polish and others.

In addition, they have space blocker protection with anti-fraud and an Electronic Invoice (NFS-e) mission.

3. Easy Park parking space blocker

The Easy Park is an online space blocker for parking that has several features such as traffic flow control and values ​​by time.

In addition, the tool has an application that shows available vacancies, the opening and closing of cash, the activation of vouchers and discount coupons, and damage registration, ensuring greater security to prevent fraud.

  1. Jump Park

This is one of the parking space blockers  that has a more intuitive interface to manage your establishment.

In addition, with Jump Park, you will have access to functionalities such as operational cost reduction, e-mail receipt sending, service time optimization, space blocker updates and improvements and an application with offline mode.

However, Jump Park also has some of the basic features, similar to other software (online management, RPS management and monthly payments and agreements).

5. Nepos parking space blocker

The Nepos is a leading solution in USA currently has a high-performance management. In addition, it is also possible to include all the operational management and quality area of ​​​​your parking lot.

Thus, knowing the parking space blockers  developed by Nepos is essential before closing any business.

  1. Digital Parking

The technology involved in the operation of Digital Parking is designed to serve entrepreneurs with the operation of public rotary parking.


However, the space blocker remains simple to use and easy to administer. So, if you have a company with high turnover, you need to know about this service!

  1. GParking

With all the credibility of parking system gives the flow of a parking lot a complete automation.

In addition, it is also possible to control entries and exits, register customers, analyze price bases for different cars and periodic business reports.

8. Skidata parking space blocker

One of Skidata’s biggest differentials, without a doubt, is the integration with other parking space blockers , such as those focused on payment and security.

In addition, the reports are designed to increase the company’s efficiency and ensure high performance, with innovative solutions that make all the difference.

  1. McPark

If you use monthly payments in your company, McPark is one of the best options.

However, they offer similar functionality to other parking space blockers . It is also worth checking out the possibility of remote management!

  1. Practical

If you want a space blocker that does not have a monthly fee, you will probably be delighted with this precipitation model and service offer!


In addition, they also offer other differentials, such as online support and service, invoice management and everything you need to make your parking lot work.

11. Carmob parking space blocker

The Carmob offers a complete management, including valets service and car wash along with the parking space blocker .

Thus, the company is totally focused on technology, providing vehicle registration per photo, lower infrastructure costs, direct service in the vehicle and much more!

  1. Valeti

Lastly, we have Valeti, which is one of the pioneer parking platforms and valets on the market.

In addition, they offer a 30-day trial to test the service. This is one of the great advantages of the company, which bets on customization and real- time operation.

Bonus: Use Kinouwell on your parking space blocker

You can include some smart practices to increase customer loyalty, such as recurring payment. And that’s where Kinouwell platform fits perfectly into your business!

Start 2021 by simplifying your financial management and discover all the advantages of collecting with us!

Better financial control of parking income and expenses

It’s no secret that good control of income and expenses is very important for a successful venture.

And doing this manually or using excel tables is a very laborious and stressful method. The objective here is to have a management space blocker that enables quick, safe and effective financial control.

Monitoring your business via virtual means and in real time

It is essential to take full advantage of current parking space blocker  technologies, so using a management space blocker that allows for efficient control from a distance is a real hands-on!.

What to look for in a parking management space blocker?

When users look for a place to leave their vehicles, they look for specialized companies that offer good parking management.
parking space blocker 2021

Therefore, looking for a space blocker that has good solutions for your case and offers support if needed is what you should be looking for.

Some tips for this are:

  • Look for solutions that enhance your customers’ experience (security, good price, ease of payment).
  • Check if they make intelligent use of technology (access control, smart cameras and space availability sensors
  • Check if there is the possibility of support (technicians and advisors)

Among the main features of the software, we have:

  • Smart pricing;
  • Monthly plans;
  • Agreements;
  • Greater control over cash flow;
  • Notes and reminders;
  • Vouchers;
  • Addition of services such as car wash, car wash, wax, polishing and others;
  • Space blocker protection with anti-fraud;
  • Issuance of Electronic Invoice (NFS-e).


In this post, you could learn a little more about parking space blocker  and discover the advantages that this type of software can bring. 

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