How to secure car from thieves with parking lock device?


parking lock device
In USA, cars are not simply a means of transportation, but also a great asset of consumers. The fear of losing cars or even car parts is always in the mind of motorists when theft by sophisticated “tricks” becomes more and more common. You should try parking lock device ?

Below, we will summarize for you the most useful tips to help you fight theft of your precious car:

Install GPS navigation system with parking lock device

Although the GPS navigation system is quite expensive, the installation of this navigation system for cars is especially effective when used. Being able to locate a stolen car via GPS would make it easier for police to crack the case.

  1. Keep the wheels facing the curb when parking

Experts said that drivers should keep parking lock device  when parking stop. Because, this little trick can make it difficult for thieves who want to steal your car. This difficult way of parking will make thieves soon give up their intentions because it takes a lot of time and attracts attention to people around.

Don’t give thieves a chance: Buy parking lock device

Spare parts theft is becoming more and more common, most often in public parking lots, gas stations, intersections or locations near ATMs. To prevent theft, drivers should always remember to close their windows, set up alarms before leaving the car, even when paying at gas stations, and avoid parking in deserted places.

In particular, do not drive alone at night; this is the time when thieves are most active and blatant. At the same time, actively equip the vehicle with parking lock device . Try to park the car in the parking lot with guard, lights and equipped with CCTV.

  1. Using the Keyless key

With just a moment of careless forgetting to lock the car door ,  you can “connect the spear to the enemy” and steal your beloved car. With a Keyless key, the driver just needs to put it in his pocket, approach the car will automatically unlock or leave the car a certain distance, the car will be automatically locked. Thus, it will not only prevent their own carelessness but also limit the “practice” of thieves.

Mark car mirror with parking lock device

With just a few simple and gentle steps, the thief can immediately remove the mirror on his beloved car. Therefore, the best way is to engrave on the mirror the car owner’s name or phone number with specialized acid. These engravings will follow the mirror for a lifetime and are difficult to erase. This method will make it difficult for car thieves to resell.

  1. Do not reveal valuables

When in the car there are valuables such as phones, laptops or ipads, car owners should keep them in their lockers or carry them with them. Avoid leaving it in the car because crooks will find a way to steal. You should try parking lock device .

Wrap car with parking lock device

For modern car models, the smart key is important and extremely convenient equipment. However, the disadvantage of these keys is that it is very easy for crooks to penetrate the signal, taking advantage of the weakness to steal the car by devices to stimulate the signal of the smart key located in the pocket, in the pocket.


According to experts, to help your car avoid this theft, you should have parking lock device . Equipment completely connected to the telecommunications network).

  1. Lock the brake pedal

Extremely simple and safe, locking the brake pedal helps the driver to avoid car theft. The lock will be hooked to the brake or clutch pedal and the other end to the steering wheel.

Selecting a decent parking lock device

Do not take parking lightly and you can arbitrarily stop and park anywhere. Besides the effect of avoiding rain and wind, choosing a parking location helps you avoid the attraction of thieves. 

Drivers should limit parking in remote areas, out of sight. Thieves will have the opportunity to break the glass. Always remember to park your car in an easy-to-see area, a lighted area or near a guard, the better.

What are the main advantages of parking lock device?

The blocker works very intelligently. After all, anyone who is unaware of the disarm sequence will be unable to drive the car. Considering this, we list the main advantages of the device. Check out!

Security in the face of robberies

Owners of vehicles with parking lock device  have a heavy heart or a guilty conscience when abandoning their cars. In an unfortunate assault situation, don’t offer any resistance — prioritizing your integrity and those who accompany you. Then, move away to a safe place .
parking lock device 2021

Even if the assailants have left at high speed, the time has passed; the blocker will cut off the fuel supply. Therefore, from your displacement to the safe place, you will be able to call the police and inform the details of the event. Your car will have been abandoned a few kilometers from your location.

Savings on car insurance with lock device

Just like installing a tracker, the car blocker guarantees you savings of up to 30% on your auto insurance.

Car Lock Versus parking lock device

Parking lock device  have long been known to people. However, criminality has used an ingenious solution to disable this accessory, interrupting the car’s lock, just when we press the command.

Peaceful conscience when parking on the street

An advantage that includes the two benefits listed above. Even in case your car has the parking lock device  disabled and the criminal manages to enter, he will not be able to gain much distance beyond the theft region, ensuring speed in the recovery of your vehicle .

Convenient operation

But how about delivering the car to the valets? In any situation like this, where someone else has to drive the vehicle, but you don’t want to give up the disarm sequence, you just have to disable the blocker for a short period of time.

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