9 Car Space Lock Design Systems you can Try in 2021


Car Space Lock

Most commercial centers, apartments, and office buildings have car space locks. However, the issue of standard parking lot design has not been taken seriously. The travel demand is also increasing day by day, how to arrange to park scientifically, not to expand more space but still to accommodate more cars.

This article will give you useful information!

Table of contents

1 1. General standards for car space lock

2 2. Common parking lot size standards

3 3. Standard 45 degree diagonal parking lot size

4 4. Parallel parking standards

5 5. The standard size of high-rise car parking lot

6 6. Some standards on parking layout

6.1 General parking arrangement

6.2 Arrangement of parking at an angle of 45 degrees

6.3 Arrange a wide parking lot with narrow aisles

6.4 Arrangement of parking lots facing each other 45 degrees

7 7. Which car parking model is suitable for Vietnam?

7.1 General parking design in the basement

7.2 Design of Puzzle Parking

1. General standards for car space lock

The parking area needs to be designed to facilitate movement and ensure aesthetics. Especially for the safety of people and vehicles, motorbikes, cars, passenger cars, trucks… With industrial parks and repair warehouses, it is necessary to arrange more garages and repair shops.


Car space locks have transport vehicles. Goods need to be placed near commercial centers, markets, new standard transaction places. Even residential areas, common residential areas need land to arrange vehicles. Arrange scientifically and most conveniently. It is necessary to have an inspection team to ensure environmental hygiene, security order, and fire safety at the parking lot.

Where to install car space lock?

 The walkways and entrances of the parking lot are also needed. In renovated urban areas, parking lots should be arranged on the street with a larger vehicle width than necessary. In terms of area parking lots (not including exits – entrances to the car space lock, trees, and waiting point) for the following vehicles: 30m2 truck; 40m2 buses; 25 square meter car.

Also, depending on the specific area, location, and type of parking, there will be reasonable parking design standard sizes. Please continue to consult us for more information in the sections below.

2. Common car space lock size standards

  • With parking lot for high-rise automatic cars: 2-4 cars can move each car
  • Minimum length of 1 seat: 5.4mHeight from the basement floor to adjacent floor: 4.5
  • With automatic parking with 2-4 cars underground

This type of car lift has a parking length: 5.1m. Height of 1 floor for parking: 1.8m. Height from floor to 2nd floor: 5.2m. With 3-6 high-rise car parking underground designed underground.

3-story lifting platform, the length of 1 car space lock is 5.1m. The height from the basement floor to the roof of the 3rd floor is 9.3m.

6. Some standards on parking layout

  • Common parking arrangements
  • Length: 5.5mMinimum width: 2.3 – 4m Distance between 2 parking spaces: 6m
  • Arrange parking at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Side length at right angle 6m Minimum width of 1 car 2.3 – 4m Distance between 2 cars 2.5m
  • The layout of the parking lot is wide but with narrow aisles
  • Ensure the length of the parking space: 5.5m Width of 1 parking space 3m

So the path between the two cars only needs 4m for the car to be able to get in and out.
Car Space Lock 2021

Car space lock layout 45 degrees back to back

The length of the right corner for parking is 8.5m, the width of a parking bowl is 2.3 – 4m, and the distance between the two cars is 4m.

Standard high-rise automatic car parking lot size

High-rise automatic car parking for 2 or 4 cars that can be moved individually

  • The minimum length of a car parking space is 5.4m.
  • The height from the basement floor to the adjacent floor is 4.5m

Automatic high-rise car parking for 2 or 4 cars underground design

  • For this type of lifting platform, the length of the parking space is 5.1m.
  • The height from the basement floor to the 2nd floor is 5.2m. high
  • The height of 1 floor for parking is 1.8m

The latest car space lock design standards we have outlined above apply only to aboveground parking lots. Smart parking lots still do not have the most specific regulations.

7. Which car parking model is suitable?

General parking design in the basement

This model is quite familiar anywhere in Vietnam. The need to use the car is extremely large, leaving a few pieces, all day or even a year. Because outdoor parking is not suitable, the basement parking system has automatic tickets, divided by time to best serve users.

Puzzle Parking design

This is a form of semi-automatic parking. The pallets are assembled into a rectangle/square, each pallet will be a parking spot. Multiple pallets can be stacked on top of each other and reinforced with a sturdy steel frame to form a model.

 At that time, the trucks placed on the pallet are lifted and lowered according to the vertical column, and the vehicles put in and out will be moved horizontally. Engineers will also program the pallet so that the time to pick up and park the car is the fastest.

Where we can install a car space lock?

A car space lock is a place used to store or park motorbikes, trucks, vans, passenger cars, etc., where the parking lot must meet the following regulations to become a standard parking lot such as:

  • The parking lot must be scientifically designed, suitable for the aesthetic, convenient to move while still ensuring the safety of the vehicles.
  • Residential areas and residential areas to reserve land for parking layout and design
  • Car parking places in industrial parks, repair warehouses need to arrange more garages or repair workshops.
  • The standard parking location for transporting goods should be located near markets, commercial centers, places where goods are traded a lot, etc.
  • The best parking lot should have a cleaning team to ensure environmental protection for the parking lot.



Car space lock is a work of road traffic infrastructure performing the function of keeping cars and other road vehicles. However, not everyone knows the size of the standard parking lot, the parking area of ​​each type of vehicle.

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