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On-street parking means parking your vehicle on the street, anywhere on or along the curb of streets, in contrast to parking it in a parking garage. Usually the parker has to pay for exchange of parking on street. The smart parking solution can greatly improve the management of on street parking space and traffic, also create revenue for municipality department.


With smart on street parking solution, the city street parking will be in good order.


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Also it brings great revenue for municipality department, which can be further used for city civil service.


For the charge of parking, there are 2 ways, one is manned parking solution. The other is unmanned parking solution. You can refer to our website:


Manned parking solution with parking attendant


Smart PDA+parking occupancy sensor(option)


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After driver parks, he goes to the nearest parking attendant for parking payment. He tells the attendant how many hours he want to park, then the charge is calculated automatically. After payment a receipt is printed automatically. The receipt can be put in windshield for patrol.


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Unmanned solution–Smart Parking Meter(pay and display machine)+sensor(option)


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Besides the manual parking collection with parking attendant, there is unmanned solution, parker can do self service parking payment. After payment a receipt is printed to put in windshield. It can accept both coin and prepaid card payment. No change is given.   You can refer to our website for more detail:


Parking occupancy sensor in street parking system


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The parking occupancy sensor is surface mounted or buried underground. It can tell when car comes and leaves, parking space occupied or not. The information is sent to gateway , and gateway to server. It can help manage the parking space, and to avoid cheating and fraud in the parking charge collection, since the sensor can tell exactly when car comes and leaves.


It works with our gateway, one gateway can cover all the sensor within 2kilometers, up to 5000pcs of sensor.


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