Get a Custom EV charger for your Electric vehicle


What is an EV charger?

  • An electric vehicle charger is a device that converts electricity from electrical outlets or batteries into DC voltage for charging EVs. It is used to charge electric vehicles. It can be as simple as plugging your car in or as complicated as using a complex cable system. They are becoming increasingly popular for charging electric cars.
  • Electric vehicles are gaining popularity among customers as the price of petrol is predicted to climb. The latest generation of electric car charging technology, the Custom EV charger, promises to be faster, simpler, and more effective than before. It can be installed in both residential and commercial settings and is made to operate with all EV models, including automobiles, trucks, buses, and recreational vehicles (RVs).

Custom EV charger

Why get a custom EV charger?

The following are a few crucial characteristics of why you get this custom EV charger.

  • Customizable options:

These chargers will be more customizable options, effective, and user-friendly than the ones we have right now. It will be able to work with a range of battery kinds and voltages and charge a car in minutes instead of hours. It offers a more effective and practical method to charge your electric car, making it the charging solution of the future for electric vehicles. It is a stand-mounted device that uses a standard outlet voltage to recharge the battery in your electric car. These system guards against power surges, lightning strikes, and short circuits. The most crucial elements in terms of electrical safety.

  • Increased safety and protection:

It is the safest product on the market. The charger is one of the most crucial technology for electric cars. This is so that it can function properly with the unique electrical system of an electric car, which is created by ev charger. Additionally, it is supported by a group of safety specialists on call around-the-clock to assist you with any queries or worries. Additionally, it is supported by a group of safety specialists on call around-the-clock to assist you with any queries or worries. This item is the safest choice because it is made expressly to charge EVs safely and effectively. The charger can charge an electric vehicle from zero to one hundred percent in approximately thirty to forty minutes.

  • More reliable and easy to use:

A useful item that can make charging your EV faster and more reliable is an EV charger. It is designed with premium components and is very simple to operate. It is equipped with intelligent power inverter technology to achieve optimum efficiency with no internal or external losses. You may switch off your charger using the emergency stop protection mechanism without physically turning the charger off. Keeping an eye on voltage levels during battery charging helps avoid overcharging. This is how you lengthen the life of the batteries in electric vehicles. It also has a leak protection system installed. Previously, it protected against electrical dangers, including electric shock and electrocution. High safety requirements enable them to deliver dependable and quick electricity. It can be easily install.

  • Environment-friendly:

Installing these chargers has several environmental advantages, like as lowering your carbon footprint, saving money on petrol, and decreasing your dependence on oil. Installing an EV charger has several advantages, including lowering pollution, saving money, and giving EV users a convenient charging alternative. More and more people are turning to electric vehicles (EVs) to contribute to the global movement and lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. Installing this charger is one of the finest things you can do if you want to do more to protect the environment.

What is the intelligent mode of this custom EV charger? 

This charger includes four automated mode settings that are shown below.

  • Automatic complete charge
  • A set power up to a specific level
  • A set quantity
  • A set time: timer set

Who is going to build the custom EV charger?

When selecting a bespoke EV charger for your house, there are a few factors to consider, including the charger’s type, amperage, and voltage. These are becoming more and more common, but not all of them are made equal. The greatest maker of a Custom EV charger is KINOUWELL. We believe it to be the greatest EV charger currently available for a few reasons. The charger is one of the few that is completely waterproof to start. Second, it includes a built-in Wi-Fi connection that lets you keep tabs on your charging progress and get alerts if there are any problems. Using it is simple. It works with all EV models. Finally, a comprehensive warranty is included. A wonderful choice for individuals on a tight budget, it is also one of the least expensive chargers. It’s inexpensive, it’s easy to install, and it comes with a solid guarantee. A wonderful choice for individuals on a tight budget, it is also one of the least expensive chargers.


Utilizing a Custom EV charger is the most effective way to recharge your car. One of the most powerful chargers now in use is this one. With the finest charger, you can now recharge your electric car. This ground-breaking new item will completely alter how you charge electric cars. These were created based on market demands, which are of international quality. You may now enjoy driving without being concerned about running out of power. We provide our clients with a quick delivery service. If you purchase from our website, you’ll be pleased. You shouldn’t pass up this flexible deal. KINOUWELL provides you with such a lovely and affordable charger following your needs. So don’t waste this fantastic opportunity. The item you choose is worthwhile to purchase. You can count on us consistently, not just once. Your complete happiness is our top priority.

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