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Introduction to Diy Parking Payment Machine

With each passing day, we are moving towards a society where everything is happening digitally. It is slowly becoming the new normal, and in the coming years, we might depend on it, thus eradicating the physical system. Modern cars require a modern system, thus, we now have a Diy Parking Payment Machine. 

The evolving payment infrastructure and various other technologies are unlocking different payment methods; as they weren’t discovered yet. So the idea of making such digital payments at parking garages might seem fancy to some people.

However, it is no doubt that many countries are slowly adapting to this and are embracing the idea. But when we talk about making payments digitally, another thing that comes to mind is these diy parking payment machines and how efficient they are generally.

Hence, in this blog, we shall discuss how these diy parking payment machines works, their benefits, and some of these machines that offers.

How Do These DIY Payment Machines Work?

Digital parking is usually enabled by smart parking mobile applications where the user must complete the registration process to avail of this technology.

During this process, the user and its vehicle are also registered. Once you are officially signed up for it, you can search and navigate all the diy parking payment machines nearby. After ensuring that the user has selected their diy parking payment machine, it can successfully start the payment process.

The user can make such diy payments through various modes, e.g., debit/credit cards, e-wallets, or scanning QR codes. After the payment process, the user is notified that the payment has been made and is complete.

The user is also informed of its parking duration and how much of its time is left. Isn’t that much better and convenient?

Parking Payment Machine/Parking Meter;

A parking Payment Machine is a device used to collect money in exchange for the right to park a vehicle in a particular place for a limited amount of time.

Diy Parking Payment Machine

On-street parking payment machines can come in to use as a tool by the user to enforce the parking policy and thus use these machines for smart parking. Not only is that, but a good amount of revenue is generated too.

The parking meter is made of pure solar power supply, and there is no need for manual battery recharge within the battery’s lifetime. Alongside this, the parking meter salty mist, UV resistant, and waterproof. It is designed to deal with the entire harsh outdoor environment.

The adjustable solar power unit and embedded installation system prevent the machine from being stolen and alarms the back-ends if there is any vandalism. Moreover, there are 4G wireless communications for data transmission that contains a hidden antenna- that shall prevent itself from being destroyed or stolen.

You can discover more features on the official website too!

Parking Lot Payment Kiosk;

Parking Lot Payment Kiosk is used to automatically manage the parking calculation, collection, change, and small ticket printing charge of equipment.

Diy Parking Payment Machine

The smart parking lot payment is 24-hour continuous operation and is placed indoors. Other security components include; configuration control and intercom. In addition, the parking lot also has a screen display and a card reader. Even if you brought along coins, no worries! The payment machine has a coin receiver and a bill receiver too.

New features introduce a receipt and change section and a ticket scanner as well! Now isn’t this just simply perfect?

Autopay Parking Kiosk;

Autopay Parking Kiosk, also known as the pay on foot machine or parking payment terminal, is a self-help payment machine positioned in the parking lot or the supermarket center.

The indoor payment terminal is developed by Kinouwell’s team and has offered more than 100 units for the Guangzhou International Airport. Therefore, it is a perfect choice to install it in residential communities, enterprises, institutions, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

The parking payment terminal has high brightness LED touch screen that satisfies the visual game. More than 30 countries’ currencies and coins are accepted as well. The parking payment terminal has its main door locked with the lock’s electronic safety and crossbar system to ensure that your money is safely kept and received. Also, the electronic safety lock can only unlock through the administrator’s card and passwords.

Advantages of Digital Parking:

There are advantages of digital parking that make it a reliable product to have in your stores or hospitals or anywhere you would like.

Hence, let’s go through these advantages and discover why you install one of these in high time!

Quick Service:

One of the major advantages of digital parking is that it is relatively fast compared to the traditional parking system. In addition, it enables its users to use their cellphones to avoid wasting time and make immediate payments 

Cost Friendly:

In traditional parking payments, the entire system is manual and therefore has a very high chance of stealing and fraud. Mishaps can be avoided if a digital parking system is equipped.

Security Guaranteed:

Since all the payments are made cashless in digital parking, the gateways are secured with the latest technologies. This technology helps the customers use digital parking and feel satisfied with the whole process and, most importantly, stress-free.

 Reduced Traffic:

With digital parking being opted widely, it is safe to say that there is a stellar decrease in traffic. Compared to the traditional system, this helps in reducing the number of people and proves to be highly acceptable. Not only is that, but a decrease in environmental pollution also in notice.

Say Hello to a New Experience:

Digital parking provides an improved user experience as it is constantly updated according to the customer’s needs. Moreover, users don’t have to carry those small ticket slips that they tend to lose. The overall process becomes smooth.

Take Away On Diy Parking Payment Machine

Hopefully, this blog post proved to be helpful and made sure you could make an informed decision regarding diy parking payment machines.  Happy Shopping!


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