Kinouwell KW-P-413 Parking Payment Machine/Parking Meter

Quick Information

Dimensions(H*W*D) 1686*300*380 mm
Material Cold rolled steel, 2.5 mm thickness
Net Weight 80 kg, depending on configuration
Solar Battery operation 12 V, 38 Ah
Operating temperature -40℃+75℃
Numerical keypad Optional
LCD display screen size 135mm*35mm
Communication GSM/GPRS/4G/Lorawan
Card reader Chip or magnetic card reader
Coin validity Programmable coin types,different denomination of coin
Coin safe cabinet Anti-theft and vandalism cabinet with 5 litter
Printer Thermal printer,issuing up to 600 tickets per refill
IP class IP66

On-street parking payment machine is a device that collects money in exchange for the right to park a vehicle in a particular place for a limited amount of time. Since municipalities have the option to use the parking payment machines as a tool for enforcing their integrated on-street parking policy, thus they are effectively using these machines for smart parking. Also, their policy is in accord with their traffic and mobility management policies. In addition, they use it to generate revenue.

Characteristic of on street parking payment machine

  • Pure solar power supply. The design of the system allows it to be of super low power consumption system. There is no need for manual battery recharge within the battery lifetime. The solar power can support continuous running without taking out battery for recharge.
  • High IP protection design. It is salty mist and UV resistant, water and dust proof, and design for the harsh outdoor environment.
  • Anti-theft. The adjustable solar power supply unit and embedded installation system can prevent the machine from being destroyed and stolen to the utmost. The real-time intrusion detecting system can send alarm to backend if there is any vandalism.
  • Without-keys door open maintenance system. The door can be open by input password, no need for key. So it can avoid the problem of key lost. A real-time system can control the door open condition. 
  • Parking tariff: It is possible to set parking tariff in each machine via cloud system from long distance for easy management, and no need to set that in each machine.
  • Remote communication with server, module design for easy maintenance.
  • 4G wireless communication for data transmission. The hidden antenna can prevent itself from being destroyed or stolen.
  • Outdoor LCD display, Users can see the text in the display even under strong sunlight due to high-quality screens.

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