How to find best electric car charging companies?


How does an electric car drive?

electric car charging companies

Anyone who drives an e-car is asked again and again: “How is it like that?” After stopping at a public charging station, it often doesn’t take long for someone to cast curious glances at the vehicle and the charging station. The other person only knows e-mobility from the media or from theoretical discussions. She would like to know about electric car charging companies?

How does driving an electric car differ from driving an internal combustion engine?

Charging and range: important, but not everything

There are two questions that, as an e-car driver, I hear particularly often:

  1. How long does it take to charge?
  2. What is the range?

I ask less often about the electric car charging companies:

  • driving experience
  • the outrageously good acceleration thanks to ideal torque
  • the absence of exhaust and exhaust gases and simply the good feeling of not blowing any soot particles around the ears of other people around me.

Driving an electric car is a pleasure

It’s a shame, because I could tell you a lot about that. I enjoy driving an electric car. Simply because the low-noise and low-vibration drive feels superior, modern, friendly.

When I come home or drive off, it is much quieter than with an internal combustion engine – a pleasant feeling. Nevertheless, pedestrians have always heard my e-car in good time, as an artificial driving noise is emitted at low speeds below 30 km / h.


Many wearing parts electric car charging companies are no longer available in electric cars, such as the gearbox with different gear ratios – or the associated engine oil. None of this is necessary with an electric car. Maintenance and inspection costs are correspondingly low.

Driving an electric car is quieter and more dynamic at the same time

The drive is quieter, the driving experience is calmer. Even a small vehicle in the lower mid-range class loosely depends on the traffic lights with more powerful motorized combustion engines.

Their drivers first have to get going, whether gearshift or automatic – while the electric motor immediately delivers the maximum torque. You just need to find reliable electric car charging companies.

Regain energy with recuperation with electric car charging companies

However, the recuperation experience is much more common than hanging out at the traffic lights. Where the combustion engine driver has to brake, it is often enough for the electric car driver to simply take off the accelerator pedal a little. Depending on the model, the car is already more or less slower. Electricity is generated from the braking energy.

What only produces heat and abrasion on the brake disc in a conventional vehicle is, to a certain extent, converted back into an electrical charge in the battery in an electric vehicle. That applies when decelerating on a level stretch and even more so when going down the mountain. Great!

The Impact of electric car charging companies

However, this driving behavior also shows the other way round. On expressways or motorways, you can take your foot off the accelerator on a flat or slightly sloping stretch of the combustion engine without slowing down noticeably. That doesn’t work with an electric car – at least not without cruise control.

I notice how quickly you get used to electric car charging companies. Then I wonder why the vehicle, subjectively, continues to drive at almost the same speed when I take off the accelerator.

Rely on the right vehicle

Anyone who regularly drives longer distances on expressways should ensure that they choose a suitable vehicle with the appropriate battery capacity and charging speed. E-cars that is also suitable as long-distance vehicles have long existed. Other models more intend for the city.

More relaxed travel – if you get involved

I consider my vehicle to be a good middle ground here. Even with a smaller vehicle like the Zoe, you can cover distances of several hundred kilometers without any problems. As a driver of such an e-car, you quickly get a feel for how to sensibly plan routes with one or more charging stops.

Electric car charging companies occasionally privileged in cities

In some cities, e-cars currently enjoy privileges:

In Stuttgart, for example, e-cars with the appropriate license plate can use urban parking spaces and residents’ parking zones free of charge.

Free electric car charging companies is becoming increasingly rare. They are still present for example by retailers or in some urban or corporate parking garages.

Every now and then, public charging stations directly on the roadside connect to attractive parking spaces. This happens during the charging period..
electric car charging companies 2022

The more decentralized, the more often free: This currently applies to public charging stations.

The Future of electric car charging companies

In all probability it will happen more and more frequently in the future that the desired public charging station is not free. The number of e-cars is growing faster and faster.

It is annoying when inconsiderate people block inner-city charging column parking spaces. For example it happens by exceeding the actually necessary charging time for a long time.

Depending on the signs, such drivers risk take away, especially if an official no-stopping ban strictly restricts their use to the charging process.

Cool down the vehicle conveniently from the app

One of the functions that I am also enthusiastic about in my little e-mobile is the standing air conditioning. Without having to start the engine, I can use a smartphone app to cool the stifling summer heat in the vehicle. It is to my desired temperature minutes before getting in. Or, conversely, preheat in winter.

All in all, that fits in with my personal overall E-Mobility image. What at first glance looks like an investment in the future? Electric car charging companies associate with certain privations turns out to be not only more contemporary, but also less annoying all round.

So if you were to meet me in the parking lot and ask me: No, I no longer wanted to drive combustion engines regularly. I like driving an electric car, especially because it’s a lot of fun.

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