How Electric charging station companies save on the cost of fuel?


Electric charging station companies
If you decide to install a charging point in your home, you will save on many factors. If you already have an electric vehicle and you still do not have electric charging station companies installed in your home, this interests you, and if you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle as well.

Electric charging station companies save on the cost of fuel

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that electric motors are more energy efficient speaking than combustion engines. To give you an idea, traveling 100 km with an electric car costs approximately 13 kWh (although it depends on the size of the car).

With a car that certifies a consumption of 5 l / 100km, we would need the equivalent of 45 kWh of gasoline to travel the same distance. In short, 100 kilometers in an electric car costs around 1.50 euros, while in a gasoline one, 6.5 euros: five times more !!!

Of course, it is important that you organize yourself to charge your car in electric charging station companies.

You save more by charging at home than at electric stations

When you decide to install a charging point, you save yourself having to charge your car at electric stations or at public charging points where recharges are slower and the price per kWh is more expensive than if you do it in your own garage.

Then we leave you the experience of a user who told us how he did when he decided to charge at an electric station in Madrid.

Electric charging station companies save time and you gain in comfort.

Another aspect to take into account is that you save yourself traveling and the inconvenience of having to think about where you are going to charge your car each time it is unloaded.

 And it is that when you decide to install a charging point you not only save money, you also save time which is also something very valuable today.

ev Charging Station Companies 2022

You will not have to move and wait for your car to charge wherever you are. If you install your own charging point, your car will charge while you rest and it is very, very comfortable. You will save time and also, you will gain in quality of life.

Charging your car at an electric station and other options

The first thing you have to know to charge your car at an electric station is what electric charging station companies are? Today there are few drivers who do not know this service.

What is an electric station and its prices?

An electric station is the equivalent of a normal gas station but changing the fuel pumps for recharging points. Like gas stations, you can find them on highways or in other areas with high vehicle traffic.

The average price of charging your car at an electric station is around € 0.50 per kWh recharged. You may find that prices vary depending on each establishment. In this way, making a 40 kWh recharge will cost us about € 20.

Tesla and his Superchargers

In addition to the electric stations, there are other options that can be used for a specific case, such as electric charging station companies. The American giant has 248 in Spain distributed in 35 points that are distributed throughout the peninsula.

Excluding older customers who benefit from free recharges, Tesla still charges a fee of € 0.31 per kWh, so recharging 40kWh on a battery will cost you € 12.4. Although remember that this option is only possible for owners of a Tesla since they are the only ones that can connect to these charging points.

Other options to e-cars

A classic is to visit us where you can find all the charging points that are in the peninsula and you can plan your trip without ever running out of energy.

Another alternative option to charge your car comes from electric charging station companies. It has fast and ultra-fast charging stations throughout Spain. These are located by different highways and highways in our country that are included in the Trans-European Transport Network.

Why electric charging station companies?

Now you know that charging your car at an electric station is a good solution, but not the only one when you are traveling. From Kinouwell, we advise you to install a charging point in your garage and make use of the fast charges offered by the electric stations and fast and ultra-fast charging points only when necessary to take care of the health of your car battery.

Installing a charging point is full of advantages. Here are the 3 great advantages of doing it in your own home.

Today, the electric car is the present and the future of mobility

 They are becoming more and more popular and not only because of how little it costs to move around in an electric car, but also because, by doing so, you take care of the planet.

Electric cars arrive in the city with electric charging station companies. Installing a charging point is the best solution to fill your car with energy and move in the most comfortable and sustainable way.

At Kinouwell, you have at your disposal a company where you can find best car charging equipment.

Here are the 3 great advantages of installing your own charging point in your own home.


1) Security

With the installation of a charging point, your charge will always be safe since they come fully equipped to support the car’s charge. All your uploads will work seamlessly from the first moment to the last.

2) Speed ​​and reload time

When you decide to install your own charging point at home, you will have it fully adapted to the size of your car and you will charge your electric car much faster.

3) Charging power and programming

Your charging point will give your car the power it needs without spending a single watt more than the power you have contracted with on your bill. So you will not need to load more power and you will save a lot of money at the end of the month.


In addition, with many electric charging station companies, you can schedule the charge at the hours you want to take advantage of the valley rates where electricity is cheaper and all through your mobile phone.

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