How does ev Charger Company improve ecology?


ev Charger Company
Installing a charger in your home requires adequate electrical power to charge your car. In certain cases, the risk is that the power of your energy meter will be exceeded and the electrical installation will trip. However, there are solutions to limit the impact of charging on your electrical installation. You need reliable ev Charger Company .

With these solutions you will be able to maintain the same power that you have contracted and, thus, without having to pay more in your electricity tariff.

Schedule overnight charging with ev Charger Company

To charge your car overnight, there are two ways to schedule charging:

1) Program on the vehicle’s instrument panel

On the instrument panel, you can program your car to start charging overnight. For certain cars, this process has to be repeated every day. And it’s not practical; you have to think about it every day.

For example, the ev charger company  has a delayed recharge programming feature that is easy to access via the car’s instrument panel. Simply indicate whether you want to charge your vehicle during low-fare times, enter these times and indicate when you want the charging to end.

2) Program in charger or car app

Scheduling for a recharge time can also be done in the charger app or in the car app.

In this sense, ev charger company  chargers, for example, have this functionality. Thanks to the app, you can schedule the recharge during non-working hours. The app also sends you notifications, for example, so that you don’t forget to connect your car before the scheduled charging starts or when the charging ends.

Choosing a smart ev charger company solution

An intelligent charging solution adapts in real time to the electrical consumption of other household appliances. You are sure never tos exceed the power of your electric meter!

Charging at a lower power

We often have the impression that you should charge your car with as much power as possible. But does it really need that much power? If you have an ev charger company , it is true that the car can charge at a maximum power of 22 kW , which allows you to gain more than 100 km of autonomy in one hour of recharging.

However, the most likely case is that you will travel less than 100 km a day and that your car will be parked most of the time at your home or workplace.

In this case, it might be a better decision to choose a 7.4 kW charger. Thus, among other things, you’ll save on the charger purchase cost, and allow you to recover the entire car’s autonomy in less than one night.

What is the impact of electric cars on our environment?

Does an electric vehicle pollute more than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, a so-called conventional vehicle? The question of the impact of electric cars on the environment intrigues many people and is legitimate.
ev Charger Company 2021

We have looked into this matter for you! In this article, you will finally find the answers to your questions. So true or false, what is the impact of electric cars on the environment?

Towards a disappearance of internal combustion engine vehicles!

In 2020, ev charger company  represented 4.2% of total sales in the world. A number so far too low, but it shows that the market for electric vehicles is growing and increasingly dynamic. In 2019, 223 799 vehicles were registered in Portugal, of which 6 883 were electric. That is, an increase of 69% compared to 2018 (4 073 units).

Laws of ev Charger Company

Increasingly, laws are emerging in order to prohibit or decrease the sale of vehicles with an internal combustion engine; this will help to anticipate the adoption of electric vehicles. Several European Union countries voted to ban the sale of cars with an internal combustion engine from 2030 or 2040. In USA, there is no date set for the end of the sale of combustion vehicles.


Today, electric cars are at the heart of car manufacturers’ strategy because they represent the future of the sector, with technologies that allow them to reach climate goals. Since 2021, vehicles sold in the European Union cannot emit more than 95 g of CO2 per km against 130 g of CO2 per km previously established.

In addition, ev charger company  is betting on electrifying their ranges to reduce CO2 emissions. This will force the industry to anticipate the development of more options for users.

We can now find many electric models, from the SUV to the most urban models

Conclusion: TRUE – even though in USA there is still no date for the end of the commercialization of vehicles with combustion engines, the trend is that more and more countries adhere to the movement to ban the commercialization of these vehicles.

Is the ecological impact of the electric car better than the impact of combustion cars?

When we want to buy an electric car, one of the first reasons that can lead us to choose an electric car is ev Charger Company .

 In relation to the environment, the electric car wins compared to the conventional car. According to a study by the universities of Exeter, Nijmegen and Cambridge in 95% of the world, driving an electric car is better for the environment than driving a combustion car . Other studies show that the emissions of electric cars during their life cycle are 67% lower than those of combustion cars.

How does ev Charger Company improve ecology?

In fact, electric vehicles contribute to improving air quality in cities. Without the exhaust pipes, cars do not produce any carbon dioxide emissions while driving. This considerably reduces air pollution. Basically, electric cars give us cleaner streets, which make our cities a healthier place for everyone.

The only possible source of pollution emission when a car is driven is the production of electricity used to charge the battery. To limit emissions, it is possible to charge your vehicle with green electricity. For example, in Portugal about 62% of the electricity produced comes from renewable sources.

The goal is to reach 80% by 2030 according to the Ministry of Environment. In addition, nowadays, several energy suppliers offer their customers to charge their electric cars with 100% green energy.

 There are other advantages besides the ecological ones

During these last few years, purchases of electric cars have increased. Today, there are around 7.2 million electric vehicles on the world’s roads and this number will continue to increase in the coming years. In 2037, the number of sales may exceed that of combustion engine cars.

There are several reasons why you should consider ev Charger Company improve ecology?, find out the main ones:

1) Savings in use: with an electric car, make sure you save; traveling 100 km with an electric car costs you around €2 for an electric car, against €8.50 for fuel with an equivalent diesel model or 11.50 euros for a gasoline car .

Hence the maintenance savings that adds up to the energy savings in use.

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