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Best ev Home Charger
The most practical way to charge your electric car is to have best ev home charger  solution at home. Likewise, installing a charging station at home allows for faster charging compared to charging from a normal outlet. Are you about to take the plunge? For here are the 5 key points that our experts always address when installing a charging station at home?

1) The desired charging power

Charging power depends on the use you will have of your electric car. How many kilometers do you do per day? Do you foresee that you may need to drive urgently and therefore always have your vehicle fully loaded? What part of the day can you change your car?

We recommend charging only the autonomy needed for the next day. In other words, if you do 50 km a day, it’s not worth carrying your Tesla Model 3 at 100%. Thus, it allows you to choose a less powerful best ev home charger  solution.

2) Location of best ev home charger station

The charging station must be installed in a place that is easily accessible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be indoors, most charging station models can be outdoors. For example, the most frequent locations in homes are in garages or in front of the house .

It is also important to know where your mobility device’s charging cover is located. Installing the best ev home charger  station on the same side as your vehicle’s charging point is more practical. If that’s not possible, don’t worry: there are charging cables up to 10 meters long.

In all cases, the closer to the electrical panel the charging station is, the less difficult the works will be which allows you to lower the budget amount. Furthermore, if it is possible to install the charger on the wall of a house, it makes it possible to dispense with the provision and installation of a support.

 3) Compatible best ev home charger

Although charging stations installed by us are compatible with all electric vehicles, it is important to consider the electric car to charge when installing a charging station.

Each vehicle has its maximum charging power. And it is not always useful to install a charging station with a power above this limit.

Certain car manufacturers offer charging stations designed for their vehicles. Therefore, privileging these solutions can be interesting.

Finally, some cars have particularities: the Renault Zoe, for example, is very sensitive to the land value of the electrical installation.

4) Electrical best ev home charger installation of the house

Since the charging station is connected to your home’s electrical installation, the latter is of great importance. For example, to install a charging station in a house, the electrical installation must comply with current regulations and have a corresponding land value.

Likewise, if the best ev home charger  installation is single-phase, you can only install a single-phase charging station, ie a maximum charging power of 7.4 kW. On the contrary, if the installation is three-phase, then you have the choice between a single-phase and three-phase station.

5) The power available at installation

Once your car’s charging power is determined, you need to know if your home’s electrical installation is capable of delivering that power. If the charging station draws a higher power than available: the installation “fires”!

To find out if you have enough power to install your charging station, you should check the power contracted with your electricity supplier. Then you should check the consumption of different electrical appliances in your home.

Is the contracted power not enough?

There are energy balancing solutions to avoid changing meter power.

While it’s easy to know the price of an electric car, it’s much harder to get an idea of ​​​​the price of installing an electric car charger. A home charger, also called best ev home charger , allows you to charge your electric vehicle up to ten times faster and more securely.

The latter is essential for the transition to electric mobility, and its purchase goes hand in hand with the purchase of the car. So it is interesting to see what determines the price of installing a charger, either in your home or in a business.

Price of best ev home charger

Ev Charger Manufacturers

Therefore, this article allows you to understand the different elements that determine the installation price of a charging station:

  1. How does the choice of charger affect the final cost of installation?
  2. What are the necessary works that must be carried out in the electrical installation?
  3. What is the cost to install an electric car charger?

The price of a charging station

The first parameter that includes the total installation cost is the choice of material. The best ev home charger  price is a determining factor in the total cost!

Choosing a brand of charging stations

The first parameter that comes into play in the installation price of a charging solution is the charger itself. The charger price varies primarily depending on the brand. There are several brands of charging stations.

Some well-known electrical equipment propose manufacturers charging stations.

Likewise, car manufacturers can also propose their own best ev home charger . Designed specifically for the brand’s cars, these can be priced higher.

There are manufacturers specializing in charging stations that have appeared on the market in recent years.

Variable prices depending on the models and features of the chargers

In addition to the brand, the price of a charger will also depend on the model. The more advanced features the device has, the higher its price will be. The cheapest chargers are the most basic, with no access control system or communication functions.

The most common advanced features are for example and LED screen, RFID access control or internet connectivity via Wifi or mobile data.

The double charging stations, which allow loading two vehicles simultaneously, hence will have a price higher than the simple chargers.

Best ev home charger power

Finally, the best ev home charger  ‘s price is characteristic of its power. There are four nominal charging powers: 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW. As a general rule, the greater the power of the charging station, the faster the charging will be, and the charger will also be expensive.

Some charging stations are adjustable from 0 to 22 kW; these are usually more expensive than chargers limited to a single power.


It is worth noting that best ev home charger  stations are not the only charging solutions for your vehicle. In fact, there are also reinforced sockets, designed for charging electric cars. It costs less than a wall charger.

However, the power of these sockets is limited to 2.2 kW, that is, on average you will achieve 10 km of autonomy for each hour of charging. Thus, it is a little quick solution, but it should also be taken into account if you plan to do a few kilometers a day.

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