Factors to think about when choosing an EV charger factory


What is electric vehicle technology?

As it is, electric vehicle technology has achieved significant advances in science and technology and is well regarded by people worldwide. The creation of a sizable market for the manufacture of electric vehicles, their supply, equipment, and rivalry for innovations and modification over time come along with the need for this technology. These sectors are bringing about a significant technological shift in how we utilize technology to innovate and improve our lives.

EV Chargers’ Working Principle:

The same basic idea behind gadget chargers also applies to EV chargers. When delving into the specifics of how these chargers operate, there are a few distinct topics to cover. These include how EV chargers work, how electric vehicles and EV charging stations interact, and how amps and kilowatts relate to an electric vehicle’s power consumption and battery life. 


EV Charger Operating System:

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment is the name EV chargers are most frequently given (EVSE). These are pieces of equipment with clever designs for charging electric vehicles, maintaining them, and figuring out how much electricity and battery they use. The preferred way to describe it is that it is a connector that balances the understanding between the EV charger and the vehicle itself regarding how much power is needed to charge the battery fully. It transfers the energy from the electric grid or any other power source into the cable and cord that goes straight into EV plugs. The primary purpose is to change the flow of amperages provided to the vehicle from alternating to direct current.

Relation between Volts, Amps, and Watts:

An electric vehicle (EV) receives volts from the station grid as a power source. Another name is electrical pressure entering the plug connection through the cable. The plug connection will then decide how many volts are needed to charge the battery completely. Because it converts AC voltages into amperages, we refer to the electric power that a vehicle accumulates in the form of amps. Kilowatt is a power count shown on an EV charging station and is used to calculate how many kilowatt-hours of battery need to be charged. Because voltage and amps comprise the unit of power in fundamental terms, many cars utilize the amp-hour system rather than kilowatt-hours. Chargers, such as a 32 amp charger, are also used to calculate amps.

EV charger factory

Who is the best EV charger factory?

The most excellent EV charger factory in the world is Kinouwell. It was created in China and stood out as the top engineering production facility in the entire globe. The firm, which produces goods for electric cars such as AC EV Chargers, EV Portable chargers, EV AC Charging stations, DC Charging stations, and EV Charger Adaptors and Connectors, has recently achieved great growth years with the help of contemporary research and development system. The company, which boasts state-of-the-art facilities, is well known for its goods’ excellence, functionality, and dependability.

  • For usage at home and privately, the Kinouwell EV charger is a compact, simple-to-install station. It may also be used as a type charger in public places like stores, workshops, and other spaces for new energy vehicles.
  • An adaptable, portable, and multipurpose electric vehicle charger is the Kinouwell EV Charger.
  • Utilize the most recent 3rd generation of electric car charging technology to plug in and set your vehicle.
  • You can schedule charging periods and constantly check the state of your car with our Power-One EV charger and smartphone.
  • You don’t have to worry about promises because the product includes maintenance and durability.
  • The product is environmentally beneficial, preventing us from worsening the environment.

What should you think about while purchasing an EV charger for an electric car?

  • Although most mobile charging stations may be controlled in terms of charging power, the EV fast charger should match the electric car’s charging power or charging speed.
  • To enable the mobile charger to be attached to and run from any standard power source, the portable wall box has to contain a variety of connectors and adapters.
  • The mobile charger must contain built-in FI circuit breakers or other integrated safety features.
  • The type 2 cord should be locked, or the charger should be secured against theft.
  • Protecting outside environmental factors, including sand, water, heat, and cold, is crucial for a mobile charging station.

How quickly can an EV charger charge a charger?

In addition to the power of the EV charger factory, the charging speed is mainly determined by the charging capacity of the electric vehicle. With a charging cable, you can generally obtain the following charging speeds:

Charging at a regular outlet: An ordinary outlet may be used to charge an electric vehicle. However, this alternative is the slowest because it can only be charged with 2 kW.

  • 11 kW charging rate: 

The majority of electric vehicles charge at a rate of 11 kW. Additionally, e-car mobile chargers make this possible. This benefits an adequate charging speed (5 times quicker than a domestic plug) and the lack of network operator clearance. 

  • 22 kW charging: 

Some electric vehicles support 22 kW charging. However, this must be approved and verified in advance by the network operator.


KINOUWELL EV charger factory is crucial because it ensures that the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is constructed fast and effectively. Additionally, it enables charger standardizations, which is essential for the compatibility of the charging network. The popularity of electric cars (EVs) has raised the need for infrastructure for charging them. We provide high-quality products and services to our customers. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business goals by providing them with innovative solutions. The company has patented EV charger technology and extensive expertise working with Fortune Global 500 firms, new energy car manufacturers, and foreign listed companies. “Safe, Intelligent, Green, and environmentally friendly” is the company’s product idea.

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