Worth of EV dc fast charging stations


Introduction to EV dc fast charging stations:

An essential component of the infrastructure for electric vehicles is an EV dc fast charging stations. They give an electric vehicle’s batteries a rapid, high-power charge that extends the range and reduces the time needed to recharge. The need for dependable and practical charging stations is increasing along with the market for electric vehicles. An electric car may be charged in as little as 15 minutes using the new 120kW DC Fast EV Charging station. This is a significant advancement over the earlier generation of EV chargers, which may take up to an hour to charge a vehicle fully. The new charger can charge a vehicle faster due to its increased power.

Way of the future for electric vehicle charging:

Electric car DC fast charging stations, which provides a quicker and more practical way to charge your electric vehicle, are the way of the future for electric vehicle charging. The need for EV charging stations has risen as electric vehicles become more and more popular. An electric vehicle’s batteries may be charged more quickly with a DC fast charger than a regular charger, thanks to this EV charging station. A DC fast charger that can quickly fill up an EV. 


Ultimate goals of EV dc fast charging stations:

  • The profound decarbonization of the industry while maintaining or enhancing mobility is the ultimate objective of electrification in transportation. The infrastructure required to support EVs is expanding along with the number of EVs on the road. 
  • EV charging stations are an example of the kind of infrastructure that is required. The AC-to-DC conversion occurs in the charging station before the electrons enter your car, even though DC rapid charging, as its name suggests, delivers DC power directly to your EV’s battery. Because of this, electric vehicle charging at DC fast charging stations may proceed more quickly. 
  • A DC charging station has the converter built right into the charger itself, in contrast to AC charging stations. DC stations are an interesting development for EVs since they are bigger, quicker, and more powerful. 

Value of Kinouwell KW-PEVC3108 120KW 0CPP DC Fast EV charging station:

Electric vehicles are gaining ground as society shifts to a more sustainable future. There is a demand for additional public EV charging stations as the number of people driving electric vehicles rises. It is more convenient to possess an electric car thanks to these stations, which enable drivers to charge their vehicles while they are away from home.

  • Two charging ports:

Designed specifically for electric vehicles, the PEVC3108 is a 120kW DC rapid charging station. It has two charging ports, each of which can provide a maximum of 60kW of charging power. A built-in AC/DC converter and LCD monitor is also included with the PEVC3108. One of the most robust and effective Level 3 EV chargers available, it is ideal for use in crowded public spaces or establishments with high EV usage rates. Many EVs, such as the Tesla Model S, BMW i3, and Nissan Leaf, use these charging stations. 

  • No carbon impact:

EV dc fast charging stations are gaining popularity due to their numerous advantages over conventional petrol or diesel vehicles. One of their key advantages is that EVs create zero emissions, which contributes to better air quality and no carbon impact. A regular AC charger cannot charge an electric vehicle as quickly as a DC fast charging station, which is why they are more common as the EV industry expands. 

  • Less emission and better air quality:

Electric vehicles (EVs) must be widely used to mitigate climate change. Fast-charging stations accessible to the general public are being erected nationwide as part of a vast network to help with this. These stations provide many advantages, including fewer emissions, better air quality, and less reliance on petroleum-based products.

  • Charge EV faster due to increased power:

An electric car may be charged in as little as 15 minutes using the new 120kW DC Fast EV Charging station. This is a significant advancement over the earlier generation of EV chargers, which may take up to an hour to charge a vehicle fully. The new charger can charge a vehicle faster due to its increased power.

  • More efficient:

The greater voltage and direct flow of DC into the battery without conversion makes DCFC an alternative that can spare EV owners from having to charge their vehicles for hours each day. AC-to-DC conversion losses are eliminated, and efficiency is increased with DC rapid charging stations. Although it’s impossible to verify statistics independently, the most often used supercharger in the area averages 99 percent efficiency for electric vehicles. 

Are EV dc fast charging stations charging electric vehicles faster than a conventional EV charging station?

DC fast charging stations are a critical component of this infrastructure to give EV drivers a speedy and practical means to recharge their batteries. Electric vehicles are the future of vehicular transportation, and the key to making this happens is to have a comprehensive network of charging stations. EV dc fast charging stations can charge an EV quicker than conventional EV charging stations, which is vital for long-distance travel. These electric vehicles are that they can be set quite more quickly than traditional gas-powered automobiles, thanks to DC rapid charging facilities. By offering a quick and simple method for charging an EV, they can aid in assuaging these worries.


Around the world, the need for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is increasing quickly with the EV market. A number of EV charging solutions, such as EV dc fast charging stations, are being developed to satisfy this need. You may now utilize the best charging station to recharge your electric vehicle. Now that the anxiety of running out of petrol is gone, you can drive. It is an affordable product of excellent quality. We offer prompt delivery service to our clients. Based on your requirements, KINOUWELL offers a stunning charging station that is reasonably priced. Therefore, don’t waste this fantastic opportunity. The item you pick is beneficial to buy. You can depend on us every time, not just once.

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