The portable dc charger for EV is easy to use and provides protection


What is a portable dc charger for EV?

The charges of an electric car can be charged using a portable dc charger for EV. The charger is made portable so that the user can carry it about effortlessly. In order to keep an electric vehicle (EV) functioning, its batteries must be charged regularly. With more electric vehicles on the road, portable chargers are becoming more and more popular. These chargers are perfect for usage in rural or inaccessible places since they may be used to recharge the batteries of electric cars even when they are not connected to the grid. An electric vehicle (EV) may have its batteries recharged on the move using a portable DC charger. They offer a simple method to keep your car charged while you are away from home.

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Why Use a Portable DC Charger for Electric Vehicles?

  • If you want to have the convenience of being able to charge your car anywhere, a portable DC charger might be a terrific addition to your electric vehicle (EV). Your EV may be charged anywhere at home, at work, or while you’re on the go with a portable charger.


  • Compared to a standard Level 1 or Level 2 charger, a portable DC charger can save you time and money by charging your EV more quickly. Furthermore, you may bring it with you when you travel so that you never run out of power.
  • When looking for a solution to charge your car’s battery while you are on the road, a portable DC charger might be a fantastic addition to your electric vehicle (EV). These chargers may be plugged into the outlet and give a rapid and simple charge because they are lightweight and relatively tiny, making them portable.

The Characteristics of Portable dc Charger for eV:

The user only needs to put the portable EV charger into the socket and may select between three different currents: 8A, 10A, and 16A. When the battery is complete, the charger will automatically turn off the power, so choose the lowest current when the moment is right.

  • Portability and easy operation:

You don’t need to be worried about charging whether you’re on the road or visiting family and friends since our chargers can be transported in the car, and you can view all charging information on the charger’s large LCD screen

  • Great security:

Rising and extremely durable high-strength ABS material is used to construct our portable EV charger. Our chargers are waterproof to IP65 standards and contain various safety prevention. Your car’s charge can be protected.

  • High compatibility:

Our EV chargers, in contrast to typical EV chargers, are compatible with most electric vehicles that adhere to SAE J1772 standards. Our goods are of the highest caliber and have received CE and FCC certification.

  • Protective functions:

The Go can fully charge your EV in between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on capacity and temperature. Insulation detection, output short circuit protection, output over-voltage protection, reverse connection protection, adhesion detection, over-temperature protection, and protection against leaks are all protective functions. Protection against overcurrent, residual current, the current flowing through the ground, surges, overvoltage, under voltage, over frequency, and over temperature

A Portable DC Charger for EV Functioning:

Inside the vehicle, “onboard chargers” in EVs transform AC electricity into DC for the battery. Because DC fast chargers supply DC power straight to the battery instead of converting AC power inside the charging station, they can charge batteries more quickly. DC quick charging is available at our Charge Point Fast terminals. The converter is housed inside a DC charger. This suggests that it can power the vehicle’s battery directly without first converting it using the onboard charger. The portable dc charger for EV is a significant advancement since they are larger, quicker, and more powerful.


Types of electric vehicle rapid chargers:

You would imagine that like all gas-powered vehicles can refill in the same way, any fast charger works with all modern electric vehicles.

 Three different models of portable electric car chargers are available:

  • KW-PEVC3401 from Kinouwell, 30KW/40KW
  • KW-PEVC3106 Commercial DC EV Charger Station, 60KW/80KW
  • 120KW OCPP DC Fast EV Charging Station from Kinouwell

They all essentially complete the same task and pump the most power possible. Your car will determine which fast charger you may use, though. One of the procedures to be performed is the complete charging and discharging of batteries. Not only that but it is also recommended to use slow chargers or even a very sluggish home connection if feasible. Only in emergencies should a direct current charger, often known as a quick charge, be used.

Combination Charging System (CCS):

It is frequently utilized for direct current charging (in DC fast charging stations). Here, the rapid charging capability of the type 2 car charger is easily integrated with two extra power connectors. “Combo 3” is another name for this kind of car charger.

As a result, the vehicle may be recharged using both AC and DC power sources. Several international groups and committees have previously endorsed portable electric vehicle chargers as a rapid charging standard for electric vehicles. The AMAG group’s brands adhere to CCS as the fast-charge standard.


The Portable dc Charger for EV is the device that can quickly recharge the battery in your automobile. KINOUWELL offers a portable DC charger that can fully charge your car’s battery in the quickest period possible. We welcome your feedback on our website since it helps us improve the quality of our offers. Our top priority is delivering a positive client experience. The item you decide to buy is a sensible investment. You can count on us regularly, not just once. Our top priority is making sure you are delighted.

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