Everything to Know About Automated Car Park Payment Machine


What to Know About Automated Car Park Payment Machine

Automated car park payment machine has augmented the operational efficacy and have also abetted a lot in generating car park revenue. Moreover, it has improved user experience and has lemmatized unauthorized access to your chattels. 

About Automated Car Park Payment Machines

These machines offer a lifetime warranty. Also, they are speedy and reasonable. Leveling up the sales and resales game, this intelligent machine has also maximized cash security.

Suppose you are new in business or want to facilitate your people with automated car park payment machines without supervision. In such case, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about automated car park payment machines. 

Ideal Locations to Install Automated Car Park Payment Machines:

There could be multiple variants when it comes to the usage of these car park machines. Usually, authorities form a barrier, and the driver has to take a ticket for entering the car park.

Upon departure, the driver inserts the ticket in the car park payment machine, and the total some is calculated by machine as per stay duration. In this scenario, the driver is not bound to mention his possible stay time in advance.

Whereas in other cases, the driver has to mention the approx parking time, and the machine deducts the amount in advance. 

Moreover, you can install the automated car park payment machines in various locations, including:

  • Hotel Car Parks
  • Shop Car Parks
  • And, Private Inner City Car Parks

Benefits of Installing Automated Car Payment Machines:

The car park machines are pretty beneficial for businesses who want to generate handsome revenue from car park machines. Besides being customizable, these machines have some potential benefits including:

  • They are reliable and generate sales revenue.
  • Secure and customizable payment methods.
  • Ideal for large car parks that linger unmanned.
  • Quick and easy to access.
  • Best for harsh outdoor environment.
  • Gives you Improved traffic control.
  • No unsanctioned entrée to your premises.
  • Life time warranty.

How to Use Automated Car Park Payment Machines:

A car park payment machine should be usable. The visual design of the machine becomes secondary. Also, different car park payments have different interfaces, so with minimal changes, the usage method is more or less the same.

  1. Insert or touch your credit card to the card reader on the payment machine,
  2. Add time using the +/- buttons.
  3. Press the green button to confirm.
  4. Enter your PIN code on the designed keypad.
  5. Press the button on the keypad to proceed,
  6. Collect your ticket.

In case you are using coins:

  1. Push the coin button,
  2. As per keypad instruction, add your vehicle registration number,
  3. Insert the exact payment for the required time period,
  4. Collect your ticket and display it on your windscreen.

Additional Features to look for in an Automated Car Park Payment Machine:

Though the automated car park payment machines are advancements in the technology itself, there are still possibilities to get more advanced car park payment machines. There are many types of machines available in the market with advanced features and much more efficiency. Let’s have a look at features you should be considering while purchasing car park payment machines:

parking payment machine Doha
A parking payment machine closeup
  • Solar panel Operated Batteries:

 Solar panel-operated battery is ideal for looking into the car park payment machines. Such machines require minimal maintenance, and you don’t have to take out their batteries for recharge. They will run continuously without any check necessary.

  • LED Screens:

The Led screen will enable the user to see the prompts by machine even in the strong sunlight. Further, it will keep the driver sitting comfortably on his seat without making any efforts to read the machine prompts. So if you care for the users, select the machine that has LED screen display.

  • Multiple Access Methods:

An ideal car payment machine should be efficient enough to accept various cash accepting methods. Besides the traditional coin method, it should also accept credit and debit cards, payment over the phone, etc.

  • LPR Camera:

LPR cameras can easily recognize the licensed number plates. It adds on to the security of the vicinity.

  • Smart and Compact in Size:

The car park payment machine should be shrewd and compact in size. It should have visible and colorful buttons.

  • Cloud System:

The cloud system makes it easier for you to set the advance parking tariff in the machine. Also, it will make it easier for you to manage long distances as you just have to update one system, and rest will be updated automatically.

  • Anti-Theft:

The embedded detection technology in the car payment machines alarms the authorities about any damage made to the machine. Such features enhance the security of the machine by making it anti-theft and un-destroyable.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a car park payment machine?

A car park payment machine is an on-street contraption that allows the driver to park his/her car for a particular time at a certain place in exchange for a specific amount.

  1. Which is the best Car park payment solution?

KinouWell tech change parking provides the best car park payment solutions. They design, develop and manufacture the best solutions and parking technology products.

  1. How does a parking ticket machine work?

There might be variants in some cases, but usually, a driver has to top on the barrier, insert coin/card, add the stay duration, receive a ticket, and enter.

parking payment machine Doha

Final Verdict:

Automated car park payment machines are super-efficient and effectively generate handsome revenue. These machines are easy to use and quick. The only drawback is the patience that you require to access the machine in case of traffic. Otherwise, such systems are appreciated by the users as they ensure the vehicle’s security and prevent any unauthorized vehicle from entering your premises.  

We hope this guide on everything to know about automated car park payment machines was helpful. Contact us for the best car park payment solutions.


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