Best 3 Types of Home car Charging Station


Electric cars are a trend in the future and if you already own an electric car. Finding out and installing a home car charging station for your family is essential.

Home car Charging Station

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Overview of the car fast charging station

What is a car fast charging station?

Types of car fast charging stations

Cost to charge a car from a fast charging station

Cost of installing a car fast charging station

Install car fast charging station for family

Electric cars are currently the trend of some car manufacturers, and it is estimated that in the future nearly half of all cars produced will use electricity instead of gasoline.

So it can be understood that instead of stopping to pump gas at a gas station, you need to recharge your car somewhere. This means you can equip your own car fast charging station right at home. What are the reasons you should do it, the following article will help you analyze in detail and specifically.

Overview of the car fast charging station

What is a car fast charging station?

Like many other electrical appliances and devices, electric cars also need their own charging station. If the car is not charged so that there is always electricity in the car, the car cannot operate. When used, the power in the car will be gradually consumed.

For regular use, you need to replenish the power by charging the battery. But, the question is how to charge? Is it just a matter of plugging the power plug into the socket like other common devices? Exactly, but in fact, when you plug it in through the charger, the electricity has been converted into a form suitable for electric cars to absorb.

 In a word, a home car charging station is a device that converts the available alternating current in your home (220V) into current that can be charged to the car battery system.

There are two types of car charging stations:

  1. home charging stations
  2. and commercial charging stations

As mentioned above, the home charging station uses the 220V power grid. In the parking lots of shopping malls, you will come across commercial electric vehicle charging stations. They use higher voltage and faster charging time, so installing this type of charging station will cost a lot of money.

Types of car fast charging stations

The American Society of Automotive Engineers has classified automotive fast charging stations into 3 categories from simple to complex: level 1 charging stations, level 2 charging stations, and level 3 charging stations.


Level 1 home car charging station is simply the charging cables included with electric cars when purchased or rented. It can be called a level 1 charger. This type of charging station uses an indoor current of 12 to 16A.

Many units only need to use a direct 3-pin plug. The conversion from AC to DC is already in the vehicle. With such simplicity, the cost of a level 1 charging station is also low. This sounds very attractive, but it has the big disadvantage that it takes a long time to fully charge an electric vehicle.

To go 4 miles (approximately 6.4km) it takes 1 hour to charge. Therefore, this charger is only recommended for vehicles that use both electricity and gasoline.

Level 2 home car charging station

Level 2 home car charging station mechanism is quite similar to level 1 station but uses a larger voltage, current 15 – 80A (type used for clothes dryer). To use this type of charging station, you need to install a suitable power cable.

 Its advantage is that charging takes less time, only ¼ of the time it takes to charge a level 1 station. It is the ideal charging station for all-electric cars.

Level 3 charging stations are best for business purpose. This charging station converts electricity from AC to DC, generating high voltage to minimize charging time. The voltage used for level 3 charging stations is 600V – 800V and current 400A. The cost of installing this type of charging station is therefore very expensive.

Cost to charge a car from a fast charging station

Family car fast charging station

It will be impossible to have an exact figure for the cost to charge an electric vehicle from a car fast charging station. It depends on many different factors. Specifically here are you charging from which type of fast charging station and when do you charge?

Currently in Europe, the price of household electricity is not divided into time frames. The cost of charging the car is not affected by the time frame you charge.
electric car stations

But if you charge at a level 3 charging station ie a home car charging station for commercial purposes, the cost will be calculated according to the charging time frame.

Peak hours will certainly cost more than normal or off-peak hours. So, to reduce the cost of car charging, it is best to fully charge them at home before departing for a trip.

Cost of installing a car fast charging station

With each electric car when purchased, it is already equipped with a level 1 home car charging station, so if you are satisfied with it, you will not need to spend extra money to install another type of fast car charging station.

However, as analyzed above, the charger that comes with the car will take you a lot of time to fully charge, and it is really inconvenient if you often need to use the car.

If you want to equip a level 2 charging station, the cost to buy a station will range from $300 to around $700. In addition, you need to spend an extra amount to hire an electrician to do the assembly work. Usually, when choosing a fast charging station provider, there will be a support installation service.

Where to buy home car charging station?

The above information is certainly enough for you to answer the question of why you should install a car fast home car charging station for your family. The benefits of convenience and economic efficiency are obvious.

Buying and installing a charging station yourself will be quite difficult, both time consuming and sometimes not safe and accurate. A reputable address that provides and installs a fast charging station is something you should choose.

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