How to install electric car stations? Expert Opinion


What is an electric vehicle charging station?

Electric car stations are a place to provide electric energy for electric vehicles such as electric cars, electric motorbikes, electric buses, etc.

electric car stations

Electric vehicle charging stations have the role of providing the necessary power. It is for electric vehicles in case of running out of energy during travel. Thanks to these charging stations, vehicles are fully charged. We avoid the situation of running out of battery in the middle of the road during travel.

The Growing Demand of electric car stations

Nowadays, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing day by day, including electric motorbikes and electric cars. Therefore, the demand for electric vehicle charging stations is also increasing. This motivates companies to invest and develop charging station systems.

 Advanced electric car stations can fully meet the constantly increasing demand for environmental protection vehicles. Electric vehicle charging station will help you to add more battery capacity to your car

The electric charging station will help you add more battery capacity to your car

2. Structure of electric vehicle charging stations popular in the world

Parking space

To be able to build and install a tram station, it is necessary to choose a sufficiently large and suitable space. Public parking lots in big cities are becoming the first choice thanks to the availability of large enough parking space for many vehicles and the possibility of installing charging posts.

 In addition, it is also possible to build electric car stations in:

  • residential parking lots
  • high-rise buildings
  • office buildings
  • parking lots of bus stations, schools

These are the places where many vehicles are parked and in the process. That parking program can provide additional power to these vehicles.


electric car stations 2022

How to choose suitable electric car stations?

Choosing a suitable parking space will help install more charging devices, ensuring power for many vehicles at the same time. However, these spaces need to be flat, can be constructed to install the power system to supply the charging posts with the lowest cost and ensure aesthetics.

In addition, electric car stations need to install with an underground electrical system. It is necessary to avoid choosing areas that are likely to flood in the rainy season to ensure maximum safety.

2.2. Charging station landscape

The layout of the landscape in the charging station also greatly affects many other factors such as:

  • determining the design of pedestrian walkways
  • toll stations
  • Layout of charging stations…

Planting trees in front or to the side of a parking lot can help direct pedestrians towards the back of the vehicle. Lawns will attract user activities to the power station.

In addition, the landscape adjacent to the above-ground car park also provides space. It is to install charging equipment without directly affecting sidewalks and roadways.

 However, when building the electric car stations, it is necessary to conduct an assessment. This is to choose a suitable location to avoid areas with mature trees or bushes.

2.3. Parking way electric car stations

When exploiting parking lots to install charging stations, companies also designs a search feature. They guide to the fastest charging station so that users can quickly find a charging station in the fastest time. However, you still need to pay attention to locations to avoid encroaching on the safe space of parking and pedestrian movement.

Normally, the parking space will be of a safe size to reverse the vehicle from the parking position and create a safe enough distance from the vehicle parked behind to avoid each possible collision.

At the same time, in addition to the parking aisles, the pedestrian walkway, the area to move goods up are also factors to check and determine the location of a safe charging station.

2.4. Pedestrian area electric car stations

Another point to note in the structure of the electric car stations are the pedestrian area. In the parking lots, there will be a separate road for pedestrians. It is to ensure the safety of vehicles when entering and leaving the station.


When designing a charging station, it is advisable to design a walking path that is not on the same road as the charging station to avoid users’ curiosity or cause damage, so there is a chance of accidentally touching or touching charging devices.

2.5. Electric vehicle charging area

The charging station must first be designed to be easy for all users to use. The electrical panel must display accurate and clear information, ensuring safety during use. Electrical conduit must be routed in walls, beams or ceilings. The floor in the charging area must be made of reinforced concrete to ensure a certain durability and safety.

The electric car stations use electric power. It is also necessary to design and build lightning stations in weather conditions with lightning.

In addition, there should also be separate charging stations for the disabled in places where there are no slopes and no steps.

2.6. Electricity infrastructure

Power infrastructure is also a key point in the structure of electric vehicle charging stations. The electric system must ensure two factors: suitable for each vehicle in terms of capacity or other parameters and the second is the absolute safety factor. This will help the batteries of used vehicles be more durable and safer during charging.

The general requirement of electrical infrastructure is that it is necessary to go underground all this system under concrete floors, on walls or ceilings. Make sure the electric car stations come discreetly and without problems during natural disasters or adverse weather.

2.7. Communication system

Another factor that is also quite important is the necessary communication system when there is a problem or problems that cannot use the charging station. It must be ensured that users can see the hotline or contact methods with the station owner or technical staff in the most necessary cases.

There are many methods in the installation of this communication system such as the contact button on the electric car stations. Users can see and contact immediately in case of need or emergency.

The requirements of communication systems in charging stations are to be intuitive and easy to use. Any user can manipulate and use them anytime, anywhere at the charging station.

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