How Advanced Seattle Meter Parking Technology is Changing Things


Impact of Advanced Seattle Meter Parking Technology 

As cities are growing, the number of vehicles is increasing on the road. It is becoming increasingly hard to manage parking spaces, especially in urban areas like Seattle. According to a survey, the number of vehicles across the globe will rise from 800+ million to 3+ billion by 2050. That’s huge. Keep in mind that vehicles during their lifespan spend more time in parking than moving on the road. Therefore, this increase in vehicles will result in a requirement for a huge change in the management and infrastructure of parking. So, how would be cities manage parking spaces to avoid traffic delays and massive inconvenience for commuters? Fortunately, the world has already recognized this thing and solutions like Seattle meter parking are getting us ready for the future.

Seattle meter parking

What is Seattle Meter Parking?

A parking ticket or parking meter machine is the device that collects parking money to allow commuters to park their vehicles in the car park. Initially, we saw these meters by municipalities in public areas for managing traffic and making sure that people can easily find parking areas in the city.

Today, we can see parking meters in private parking facilities also. These meters serve as an effective tool for enforcement and revenue generation. Therefore, Seattle meter parking also ensures that commuters don’t abuse vehicle parks and use them only when necessary. On the other hand, these machines make the parking experience more positive and smooth for commuters.

Parking Meter Benefits

If you are planning to install a parking machine in a car park, you would get a lot of benefits after its installation. Convenience for motorists is obviously the primary benefit.

There are many other perks apart from convenience for both people and the parking lot owners . Let’s take a look at how parking meter technology in Seattle is changing things with its many benefits.

1. Accurate Use of Parking Spaces

Through paid parking machines enforcements, parking lot owners are deterring parking facility abusers. It assures that customers get parking space without any hassle whenever they need it.

Without paid meter parking system, locals may park their vehicles for longer time periods, making it tough for the customers to get a parking space. Furthermore, smart meter parking also monitors the car parking levels and notifies people about the available parking spaces. It saves a great time and lets the people find vacant parking spaces around them in the most convenient way.

2. Revenue Generation

An unattended parking meter helps the car park owner generate revenue in a hassle-free manner. Car parking owners can pair Seattle meter parking with technologies like ANPR (automatic-number-plat-recognition).

Doing so allows them to monitor and track the usage of the car park. As a result, they can maximize revenue without hiring an on-site manager or enforcement patrol.

3. Cleaner Environment

With an increase in vehicles on road, there is also an increase in CO2 emission. Keep in mind that CO2 is a leading cause of greenhouse gases production that pollutes our environment. Manual parking, due to its time-consuming process, makes the parking process too slow.

It means that the cars will be burning fuels for more time that creates massive air pollution. However, you can reduce up to thirty percent emissions through a low environmental footprint by installing smart meter parking that saves a lot of time.

4. Different Payment Modes

Another big advantage of installing meter parking is that it offers several payment options. A majority of people today prefer going cashless for convenience and security purposes. Having both digital and contactless payment modes make sure that customers can pay and park with ease.

They can pay with a credit card, cash, contactless payments, debit card, and e-wallets, like Apple Pay. Some parking machines also support digital payment apps and services. Therefore, different payment modes of Seattle meter parking are helping people to park and pay with maximum convenience.

5. No Overcharging

These machines are so accurate and transparent so that they ensure 100% accuracy in collecting parking fee. Therefore, visitors stay sure that they will be paying parking fees exactly for the duration they parked their car in the parking lot.

Moreover, parking machines also notify the customer about the total fee amount with complete details. So, the entire process is transparent and error-free. Installing a parking machine helps car park owners increase revenue with advanced real-time parking management capability.

6. Availability of Useful Data

Parking meters record all transactions linked with the parking ticket. These machines record the vehicle number plate also. The system saves a virtual ticket after the customer makes the payment.

All this information is available to the car parking owner. Therefore, the owner can use this information, later on, to track the vehicle, if required. This data is also significant for enforcement agencies.

7. A Cost-Effective Solution

Unattended parking machines are perfect if you need a perfect, cost-effective parking payment solution in Seattle for your car park. These machines are both secure and durable with a simple user interface for visitors.

There is no need to hire an on-site parking manager and extra ticketing staff. Therefore, the car park owner would also save a lot of money in the long run, making these machines a cost-effective solution.

How Does a Parking Payment Meter Works?

The parking machine takes the required information, such as the license number of the vehicle when it enters the car park. Then, the driver specifies the required parking time to get the parking ticket. Some parking meters also notify commuters before the chosen parking time expiry.

Commuters can also extend the parking duration through an app on their phone. When leaving the car park, a parking manager checks the ticket and enters it into the parking machine to verify payment. Once the ticket is verified, the automated parking barrier opens to let the vehicle exit the parking lot.

Seattle meter parking

Final Words

With cities growing and improved infrastructure to connect cities together, the number of vehicles is also on the rise. There is now a need for improved parking management, especially in cities like Seattle. It is where the systems like unattended Seattle meter parking are making the difference.

These machines offer the most convenient and secure method for parking vehicles to avoid traffic delays. If you own a car park in the city, you can also get benefit from these unattended machines. On one hand, it offers convenience to commuters. On the other hand, these machines help car park owners increase their revenues.

Feel free to contact us for further details about meter parking technology.

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