How to Pay Parking Meter Online


Ways to Pay Parking Meter Online

Cities are expanding and the roads experience more vehicles with that. Every day, thousands of people visit shopping malls and other places on their vehicles. Smart parking solutions, such as unattended parking payment machines are becoming popular. There are various reasons why the demand for smart parking is on the rise, especially in urban areas. The latest advancement in this regard is the contactless parking payment option on Google Maps. Yes, you would be able to pay parking meter online because Google is introducing this contactless parking payment solution to their mapping service.

pay parking meter online

Pay Parking Meter Online Via Google Maps

Don’t you have spare money for the parking meter payment? Don’t worry; you can do it in a contactless manner via Google Maps. The new update of the Google mapping service will have this service soon. This service will initially be available on Google Maps app on Android OS. Initially, you will be able to pay parking meter online for 400+ cities, including Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. It has become possible due to the integration of Google Maps with a few parking solutions.

Google has integrated its mapping service with providers, such as ParkMobile and Passport. Therefore, you can pay meter easily from driving Maps navigation, anytime. Once you get near to the destination, the Google Maps app will show the option of payment. If you are in an applicable area, you will see a button “Pay for Parking” on Google Maps app. Once this option appears on the screen, you will have to input the number of your meter, your estimated parking time, and then click the button “Pay”.

You will also have the option to extend the parking time easily with a few simple taps. Google Maps is the best navigation app that almost every commuter uses when navigating between unfamiliar places. And, the introduction of the online parking meter payment will surely improve the user experience.

How Can Google’s Contactless Payment Solution Help?

Convenience is the first thing that strikes our mind when we hear that Google is allowing us to pay parking meter online on their mapping app. However, there are a lot more advantages that come with this new service from Google. Here are the different advantages that users will get with contactless parking meter payments.

1. Contactless Parking Meter Payment and COVID-19

We are going through a huge pandemic COVID-19 that has struck the entire world for the last few years. During this pandemic, avoiding germs and viruses has become extremely important. People are avoiding contact with other people and things around them. Google’s selling point of this new service is based on avoiding viruses through contact during this pandemic. You would be able to pay parking meter online on Google Pay. All you need is to enter the credit card details on Google Pay instead of paying the parking fee physically. Therefore, there is no chance of cross-contamination and you will keep yourself safe during this pandemic.

2. Transit Fee

How would a person who doesn’t own a vehicle should get benefit from this new service by Google? People who ride the subway or buses can also use this service to pay transit fees online. According to a Google official, people would also be able to pay their transit fees that cover 80+ agencies around the world. People would get this option when they are looking for public transportation directions on the official Google Maps app. To pay for your subway or bus ticket online, you need to use Google Pay.

3. Saves Time

This service allows you to pay your parking meter fee online, ahead of time even before arriving at the parking station. It is especially beneficial when you don’t know the payment options the parking facility allows. Paying for the parking ticket before time will help you save a lot of time and it will also be a mental satisfaction.

4. Convenience

As mentioned before, convenience is a highly appreciable advantage that comes with online parking meter fee payment. You don’t have to move even an inch outside your car to pay for a parking ticket. All you need is to open the Google Maps app on your smartphone and pay parking meter online. There can’t be a more convenient way than this to pay for parking tickets. So, convenience is a big perk that you would get with this new service on Google Maps.

Who Can Get Benefit from Online Parking Meter Payment?

Online parking meter payment is not just for cities or urban areas. Even a private operator can get an advantage from this new cloud-based parking tickets payment technology. It will help the operators to use the powerful enforcement and powerful payment capabilities without incurring hardware or staffing expenses. More and more parking facilities are now switching to this new technology for many benefits that it offers to both operators and commuters. Even many universities are using this to make improvements in their campus parking setup while decreasing the overall operational costs.

Are There Any Other Parking Payment Solutions?

Apart from Google Maps, various other online parking payment solutions are available on the market. Various on-street and off-street parking payment machines are available on the market from different providers, like KinouWell . Today, most parking lot owners prefer automated or unattended parking over traditional parking payment solutions. Therefore, there is an assortment of automated parking payment machines that parking lot owners can choose from. On one hand, these machines make parking payments straightforward and fast for commuters. On the other hand, it helps the parking facilities save costs of extra labor or operators.

Final Words

The new online parking payment solution from Google is a great feature for commuters, especially for those who regularly use Google Maps for navigation. It allows you to pay for your parking ticket ahead of time in more than 400 cities. However, this list will expand soon with new updates so that more and more commuters can have the most convenient and hassle-free parking experience. You just need to use your Google Map app and pay through Google Pay to pay parking meter online in applicable areas.

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