Why should you install type 2 ev charger? KW-PEVC3107


KW-PEVC3107, one of the best chargers!

If you are thinking of installing a charging point, you have surely visited our website and came across type 2 ev charger. KW-PEVC3107 is undoubtedly one of the best chargers. It is jewel of technology for anyone who wants to charge their car with maximum comfort.

type 2 ev charger

KW-PEVC3107 Type 2 ev charger is a great option for daily recharging

And it is that chargers for electric cars there are many and very good. At Kinouwell we have installed chargers of all types, shapes and colors. The KW-PEVC3107 is one of the best chargers for domestic installation. With it you will have controlled the load of your car at all times and in the easiest and most comfortable way.

The big difference of the KW-PEVC3107 charger is the WIFI. The option of connecting your charger to the Wi-Fi network of your home will allow you to handle it wherever you are, change the charges or see how much it is charged.

And it is that this charger, as KW-PEVC3107says, directly “connects with you”

The KW-PEVC3107 charger is technology at the service of your comfort. The KW-PEVC3107 type 2 ev charger is one of the best chargers on the market. It allows one of the most attractive functions that a charger can offer the power boost. It is something that almost everyone who wants to install a charging point asks us often.

Why do you need type 2 ev charger?

The type 2 ev charger allows you to put the car to charge and prevents the automatic from your house from jumping. Something essential to avoid possible culinary problems such as finding the food in the fridge spoiled, for example. So if you don’t want surprises, the powerboost is a great solution.

Thanks to its powerboost function, the charger of your KW-PEVC3107 will take care of collecting the free power you have at home. It will use it to complete the charge of your car when you leave it connected.

For example; if you have contracted 4.5kwh of power and you leave the washing machine on that consumes 3.5kwh, the charger will take advantage of the remaining kilowatt to charge your car. And it optimizes each contracted watt to the maximum.

And as we told you, this KW-PEVC3107 charger is smart. The moment the washing machine finishes, type 2 ev charger automatically takes advantage of the 4.5 kilowatts that you have contracted.

An App to connect to the charger at all times

In addition, this KW-PEVC3107 charger includes an App that is super intuitive and complete. From the App you can program what you want and when you want. You can see even the price of the kilowatt and the money that you are going to spend on each recharge.

KW-PEVC3107 is design and technology at the service of your recharge

This charger has one of the most impressive and elegant designs on the market. That halo of light that indicates what the charger is doing at all times is extremely comfortable and visually almost magical.

And as if this were not enough, the latest update of its App, allows you to work with solar panels, discriminating at the user’s choice from where it takes the power. State-of-the-art technology so that you have total control of your energy at all times.

Why should you install type 2 ev charger?

So now you know, if you are thinking of installing type 2 ev charger, you already know a little more about the characteristics of one of the best chargers for individuals. If you have any questions, our team of experts will be happy to help you.

Being a charging point installer is the profession of the future, and for that reason we are launching the greatest professional opportunity in the history of Spain for charging point installers. A great offer for the great change that is happening in mobility in this country!

And the fact is that the arrival of the electric vehicle has been a true revolution. And like all great changes it brings with it a great demand for new services and for people who are capable of providing them, such as being an installer of charging points.

At Kinouwell we always think of Best Chargers

At Kinouwell we provide best type 2 ev charger. Yes, but along the way we are transforming cities into more sustainable places and why not say it, also society, because we are creating a large network of professionals prepared and qualified to serve the needs of the new drivers.

With the enormous demand for the installation of charging points, the figure of the charging point installer is fundamental. At Kinouwell we have been preparing for this moment for some time and we can proudly say that we have the largest network of installers in our country. The largest and also the best prepared.

Always choose type 2 ev charger

Professionals take care of everything to turn a professional electrician into an expert in the installation of type 2 ev charger. To put you in a situation, since we were born, in the last 3 years, we have achieved more than 1500 installations for our network of installers with an economic value for installers of half a million euros.

type 2 ev charger 2022

This has only just begun, because after having the largest network of installers in Spain, the only objective is to not stop growing, to continue transforming cities and improving people’s lives both sustainably and economically.

And so that no one is left without installing a charging point, we have launched our Installer Partner program that helps charging point installers to do what they do best… Install charging points! We take care of the rest.

What is the Installer Partner program?

It is collaboration of installers who have their own business to go much further together and install more charging points.

Installers will be able to use our customer service, advice, supplier management services and will only have to dedicate themselves to what they do best, installation.

A program with which they multiply their income

 Installation partners will increase their number of type 2 ev charger installations, save time in grant management and their income will grow exponentially.

Where we work with them hand in hand: The installers will only take care of the installation, since they will be able to integrate our processes for everything else.

They receive rewards for each installation and also; for each installation that they generate through our platform, they earn extra income thanks to our referral program.

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