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Outdoor parking management-LoRa parking sensor

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Author : Kinouwell
Update time : 2019-04-16 17:02:00

How do you get the parking status if you are the manager of the parking lot? As we know ultrasonic parking guidance system did solve the problem of indoor parking lot. But how about outdoor parking like on-street parking and outdoor public parking lot?  

Don’t worry, here comes Kinouwell LoRa parking sensor. It is installed at the parking space surface, detecting the parking occupancy and sending data to gate way and server.

KINO’s easy installation, low maintenance vehicle detection sensor gathers information on parking space occupancy. It enables you to manager your parking space efficiently with real time, individual vehicle, and individual space data for daily management, and long term planning for management of on street and off street.


Benefits of parking space sensor

• Live, full information on each and every parking space.

• Guide drivers to available spaces, improving traffic flow.

• Instant information on overstays for infringement enforcement.

• Facilitates simple, ticketless, barrier free payment systems.

• Comprehensive information enables profitable future planning.

• Best possible use of available space.

Main features of LoRa parking sensor

1. Wireless for ease of installation and minimal costs by eliminating civil works.

2. Powered by long-life batteries for low maintenance.

3. Robust construction to resist both vandalism and accidental damage.

4. Unique low power consumption circuit design, purely battery power. Battery life: more than 8 years under normal use.

5. High accuracy detection up to 99.5%.

Technical information.

You can refer to our website for more detail:

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