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“Difficult parking” has increasingly become a “bottleneck” that restricts urban economic and social development. At the same time, there are many areas where there are no regular parking spaces for parking, and they can only stop at the roadside. The direct problem brought by it is to affect everyone’s daily travel, such as the car owner parking, not parked in the planned parking space, the planned parking space utilization is low, the entrance card and the card reading fee are caused by the entrance and exit blocking, the owner finds the car vacant for a long time. And so on.


Parking System-1


Kino smart parking adopts the method of geomagnetic sensor embedded in LORA module to form wireless geomagnetic sensor vehicle detector. It adopts advanced magnetic sensor and signal detection algorithm to dynamically track changes in environmental magnetic field parameters, accurately determine parking position status information, and pass LoRa network. Upload system cloud platform, which can realize parking parking detection, parking time statistics and other functions, and carry out intelligent operation.


Parking System-2



★ kino smart parking has long transmission distance, low power consumption, stable product and high vehicle detection accuracy.

★ At the same time, it has the advantages of no wiring, simple installation, long maintenance interval and low cost.

★ Intelligent parking uses big data technology to statistically analyze the parking space information, and combines the mobile APP client to provide convenient navigation for the car owner and mobile phone payment.

★ Solve the problem of difficult parking, difficult to charge, and difficult planning, so that the utilization of parking spaces is improved, and the management and operation efficiency of operators and the efficiency of smart city traffic management are improved.

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