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How to operate parking blocker remote 2021
High frequency of device Application

Parking Blocker Remote is a simple and even fragile technology; you can face technical problems – not only with the equipment but also with the vehicle itself.

Many companies tend to activate the lock every day, in the cases discussed above. 

If the vehicular blocker is not of high quality, this excessive use will harm even the part in which it is inserted.

Mechanical and electrical interferences

The technology that governs the Parking Blocker Remote can suffer both mechanical and electrical interference. There are some reports of situations in which the blocker suffered interference.

and also activated without a deliberate activation. And because of that, there were risks in traffic. Remember that prevention is the best thing to do.

Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing a parking blocker, be aware of these risks.

Is it possible to handle the parking blocker remote?

As we’ve brushed on before, some tracking system tools can replace many of the results you want when purchasing a parking blocker.

If you still choose to install a lock on your vehicle, there may be a connection between it and the device. 

In general, you can combine vehicle blocking within the system and even create automatic blocking rules, as we have already explained.

However, if your case is the search for safety, productivity, and safe and reliable results, the tracking system offers a much more guaranteed tool:

Problems resolved through vehicle monitoring and real-time tracking

Screening is one of the best available on the market.

With quality Parking Blocker Remote equipment and impeccable development, the software provides you with truly accurate location data.

The best thing about this is that you can track the drivers’ performance and itinerary in real-time. including access to vehicle status information.

These are:

  • speed of the moment
  • telemetry events
  • such as accelerations
  • and sudden turns

 for example, and even know if the vehicle is stopped for a long time or deviates from its route.

How to Use Parking Blocker Remote?

If this happens, you yourself follow the location of the vehicle and can recover it quickly, without having to use the Parking Blocker Remote and running the risk of damage.

In addition, situations that you would resolve through blocking – such as allowed and prohibited regions, for example – can also be managed and resolved through the tracking system.

By fully showing the status and position of the vehicle, it generates notifications about breaking the rules you have determined. 

The same applies to the time allowed to use the vehicle; if there is misconduct by the driver, you will know in detail!

The main benefits of vehicle tracking

We can end by saying that you achieve incredible benefits – productivity, economy, and compliance.

You don’t necessarily need to spend extra money on both the purchase and maintenance of the Parking Blocker Remote, as the tracking system can give you what you need – and a little more! 

In closing, if you have any questions, leave them here in the comments! We will answer you as soon as possible.

How to operate parking blocker remote

strategies and enforce Parking Blocker Remote

When managing a fleet, it is important to implement systems that monitor your vehicles and, above all, ensure a higher level of safety. In this sense, the vehicle jammer can offer benefits.

However, without proper adoption and a well-developed strategy, this feature may not be worth as much. You’ve certainly had your doubts about using this Parking Blocker Remote and what the concrete advantages are, haven’t you?

Importance of Parking Blocker Remote

Depending on the reality of the fleet and logistics segment in your region, the use of Parking Blocker Remote needs to be thought about and invested more specifically in your strategy. Some risks can arise from using this feature.

With that in mind, in today’s article, we’ll talk more about the fleet parking blocker and how it works. This way, you will be able to evaluate and make a safer decision on how to use this technology. Check it out below.

What does a vehicle jammer do?

The use of radiofrequency is already widespread in-vehicle monitoring solutions. From it, it is possible to trigger the triangulation of the fleet vehicle in an agile manner.

 Allowing for greater control in case of theft or accidents. The vehicle locker uses this command too, as the name implies, prevent the vehicle from moving.

How to Reduce the Risk of Unlocking of Vehicle?

The vehicle lock is installed next to the ignition or fuel pump. It can be armed with a simple command, such as when an unauthorized person opens the vehicle door.

As we can see, there is a great responsibility to carry out the installation and maintenance of the vehicle lock in a fleet. After all, the Parking Blocker Remote system needs to interfere with the mechanical and electrical parts of the vehicle.

 which requires care and confidence in the contracted service to minimize the chances of mechanical damage to the vehicle.

What are the potential benefits of a vehicle jammer?

The effectiveness of the Parking Blocker Remote will depend on how it is used and, mainly, how it is integrated with fleet management strategies. A vehicle tracking system, for example, can integrate with the blocking mechanism. With this, functions such as real-time location, alarm and notifications can be added.

In addition, a vehicle lock provides greater security when the car or truck is stationary. In large loading and unloading processes, or parking outdoors at times with less circulation.

Management and Rules of Parking Blocker Remote

Thus, for fleet management, the vehicle blocking system can be an intelligent way to increase safety. and also to control the hours of use of the fleet by the company’s drivers.

Activating a programmed automatic lock. for example, it is possible to keep vehicles in circulation within the established business hours. According to the need, it is even possible to delimit routes and paths. avoiding the misuse and use of fleet vehicles outside of the determined rules.

So, is it worth using Parking Blocker Remote for fleets?

In this article, we saw how the blocker can help bring more security to your fleet, cargo, and staff helping to curb the actions of people in bad faith and minimize damage.


It is important to consider the implementation and training procedures and claims rates in your region. And the company in making your decision. In addition, it is essential to evaluate the cases in which this feature can help.

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