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The use of the Space blocker is a subject. This raises many questions on the part of fleet managers, who do not know exactly how to use it and not even if this use is favorable.

There are indeed specific cases in which the Space blocker becomes necessary and very beneficial to the fleet. However, this does not happen on all occasions.

There are situations in which the use of this device can cause several problems and generate unnecessary costs for your company.

Instructions for using Space blocker

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the reality of your business, observe the advantages and disadvantages and only then make this decision.

For you to understand exactly which cases these are, we have created complete content, with an explanation of what the space blocker is, how it works and how to use it strategically. Check out!

What is a space blocker and how does it work?

In summary, the vehicle lock is additional equipment whose function is to block the vehicle and prevent its movement.

Space blocker technology is usually installed close to the ignition or fuel pump, and because of that, it must be installed properly. 

It is common for many automotive blockers to cause problems in the mechanical and electrical parts of the vehicle, so care is essential.

Vehicle Safety is the first object

Even so, companies choose to use this mechanism for vehicle safety. It is to ensure compliance with their rules and other more subjective reasons.

Also, it’s important to remember that the Space blocker is an independent device. It comes from the vehicle tracker. Moreover, you don’t need to have one to have the other, or vice versa.

Now that you have access to this information and all the context, understand now what are the pros and cons of car blockers!

What is the right way to use a space blocker?

It is a fact that the use of vehicle blockers in fleet vehicles can generate both benefits and harm. We have already mentioned, it depends on the way you use it and on the occasions as well.

For you to understand this in-depth and know which is the most favorable strategy for your case, check out the advantages and disadvantages we have separated:

Advantages of Using a Vehicle Blocker

In summary, although the results obtained through the Space blocker can be replaced by more effective means, such as the various tools that exist within the vehicle tracking system, for example, there are still some advantages.

1 – Outdoor parking/stops in dangerous places

The first positive point of installing a vehicle lock-in company vehicle is the safety when the car is stopped.

In some cases, the company does not have its Space blocker lot, or it is necessary that in some situations the vehicle is stopped in places that can be “dangerous” and at dangerous times, such as at night.

In scenarios like this, the vehicle lock can be a way to keep your fleet vehicles protected. 

However, pay attention to some points:

the vehicle needs to be stopped and established in a specific place.

  • And the lock is activated.
  • there is no risk of traffic accidents and damage to the driver.
  • Furthermore, you can activate the lock on the stationary vehicle
  • also in cases where it is not being common
  • as a means of ensuring that there is no misuse
  • or use outside the permissions of your fleet policy.

2 – Control of working hours

The problem with overtime or the misconduct of the driver, who uses the corporate vehicle for personal purposes and at prohibited times, are cases in which Space blocker can also be favorable.

To prevent the driver from using his vehicle outside of the scheduled hours – that is, other than office hours – you can activate the automatic lock, which can be programmed into the system.

By automating the lock through the system, all vehicles in the fleet are locked at the time you schedule, provided, of course, that they are stopped and parked on your property, or in a location determined by you.

To establish this location, you can create a “virtual fence” within the system, an area on the map that delimits a destination of your choice. 

This is an accident prevention guarantee too!

3 – Determined regions for operations

If you plan routes and operations according to regions, the vehicle lock can be a tool by which you will ensure that drivers are following these rules.

You can use blocking as a way to control the conduct of your employees. You can use a space blocker to prevent misuse from occurring.


4 – CompliaSpace Blocker 2021nce with fleet policy rules

To exemplify this scenario, let’s bring a real situation of a client company of our service.

The manager stated that driver’s common to lose communication with the company during operations. He lost information such as last-minute services.

To activate communication with the driver and ensure that he received the information, the company’s manager activated the Space blocker.

She only unlocked the vehicle when the driver answered calls or received the information correctly.

In other words, the space blocker can be a way to make employees adapt to your fleet policy.

Disadvantages of using a vehicle Space blocker

There are also disadvantages regarding the use of vehicle blocking, in some cases and contexts, as we will show you below:

1 – Thefts/robbery attempts

It may not seem that way. Activating the space blocker in cases of theft can be unfavorable for your company and your economy.

Thus, even if you recover the vehicle later, a lot of damage to the company ended up being common.

Maintenance of Parts Space blocker

This is because, in addition to losing the vehicle blocker, there was also an accumulation of expenses. It comes with the maintenance of parts that were damaged by the thief.

Therefore, if your main motivation for implementing the space blockers is to prevent robberies and thefts, this is not the ideal solution. You can consider the risk of the criminal’s action. 


To effectively prevent these thefts, the most recommended is to use a space blocker. It should come with your company’s policy. You can call the police too. How to arrive at the location will be a great problem. Thanks to the real-time tracking of your vehicle.

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