Parking Near Foot Locker Parks Mall Made Easy with Unattended Parking Payment Machines 


Foot Locker Parks Mall Sets Sights on Installation of Unattended Parking Payment Machines

The urban transport system is incomplete without a proper parking system. The need for parking systems increases in commercial areas where malls operate. Malls offer brands ideal places to grow. There are vast opportunities for shoppers to explore in big shopping malls. However, the issue with big shopping malls is usually the provision of proper parking systems. With a high percentage of vehicles, parking becomes a conflicting and confusing situation for people. Parking issues are usually an everyday occurrence at busy airports, bus stations, underground metros, and shopping malls, such as Foot Locker Parks Mall, etc.

foot locker parks mall

The urban developers address parking problems by designing and constructing parking lots and garages. To further facilitate car owners, car parking payment systems have been introduced. In some cities, manual parking payment systems are used before allowing the customers to access the parking lot. 

On street and off street parking solutions for Foot Locker Parks Mall

It is quite obvious that shopping malls cannot afford mismanagement of parking systems as it may create huge chaos. Usually, the malls have set aside adequate places for parking vehicles. These parking systems are usually manual and sometimes take a lot of time for clearance of passage for the customers.

Some malls provide on-street parking facilities, which means customer can park their vehicles anywhere on the street. Some malls provide off street parking facility, which means customers may park their vehicles in the garages.

Off street parking facilities include both indoor and outdoor parking. In all these scenarios, one thing that sophisticatedly eases out parking mayhem is the unattended parking payment machine system. This system works well with both on street and off street parking.

How do the foot locker parks mall automated parking machines work?

The full-featured smart parking solutions begin with entry lane. There, an entry box serves to print tickets for incoming vehicles to the mall. It is customized to accept to request a credit card or accept passes to initiate the parking session.

Those who wish to avail full month parking can avail the facility of access credential to open the barrier. Some parking payment machines provide access credential facility on an independent access control pedestal.

The data from the beginning of vehicles’ entry to the parking facility passes on to the parking management software. The software permits monitoring real-time vehicles in the parking lot. It further takes into account the complete usage of each parking device and develops a comprehensive report on parking tickets issued.

The machine can automatically scrutinize the length of stay of each vehicle inside the parking limit. Even if the management wants to know the usage of access cards and revenue earned in a particular day, the machine can provide the information correctly.

When customers leave the parking area, they have the option to pay at the unattended parking payment machine. They can also pay against parking their vehicles in the lane exit station. The fully automated and well-configured parking payment machine accepts payment through credit cards, debit cards, bills, or coins. The touch screen of the machine smartly displays a user-friendly experience.

At the unattended exit lane, the parks mall installs the parking payment machines to create the ideal situation.

Digitization with unattended parking machines at foot locker parks mall

Unattended or automated parking payment machines are time saving and bring efficiency in parking management systems around foot lockers parks mall. People do not have to wait in queues to enter or exit the parking facilities.

The digitalization of parking with unattended or automated parking payment machines facilitates the customer through text messages about their parking limit. Instead of leaving everything aside and rushing to the parking payment machine, the customers can simply extend their parking time.

All they have to do is to go online and extend the parking time as much as they require.

Use of technology in automated parking payment machines

Unattended parking payment machines accept payments through credit cards. So there remains no need for carrying cash in small amounts or change. Thus, automated or unattended parking machines invariably provide cashless payment options.

Asian companies dealing in digital parking technology thrive on enhanced customer experience in unattended or automated parking machines. Their specialized technology conveniently manages vehicles’ entry-exit systems with RFID technology to recognize the vehicles’ registration numbers.

Footlocker Park’s mall installs automated parking payment machines to provide safety to their customers’ vehicles. The machine accurately monitors vehicles’ position through an integrated control center. The top quality autopay parking kiosk provides voice annunciation and support coupons, bill note, debit and credit card. 

They use the top LED panels to provide information and advertising for the customers. These machines can work both inside and outside the building under extreme conditions. Their safety locks and security hinges speak the smart working of engineers and technicians in their designs.

The advance operating system of automated parking payment machines

The automated or unattended parking payment machines operate on the latest windows or android operating systems. Their high-resolution touch screen provides API interfaces and expands functional modules such as ID/ face recognition.

Footlocker parks mall need a flexible and versatile parking system and that is what a smart parking meter would do. It can comfortably execute long-term and short-term parking coupons in both on-street and off-street parking facilities. In addition to its high performance, the parking payment machine is extremely user-friendly and smartly works independently.


The unattended parking payment machines at foot locker parks mall effectively deal with the parking challenges. The smart parking solution providers design automatic parking payment machine kiosk to facilitate self-service parking.

Regular customers visiting the parking facility do not have to stop at the entrance barrier since it opens for them automatically. In the event of cash payment for the parking services, the customer can drive to the exit gate and make the payment.


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