Complain About a Parking Eye Payment Machine Not Working


What to Know About parking eye payment machine not working

A Parking eye payment machine not working might not be a common issue, however, people do tend to come across it once in a while. In case, they come across such a problem, you should reach out to the right authorities to register your complaint. 

Of course, with little to no guidance registering your complaint can be a troublesome task. Since we fully understand this particular delima, therefore, we will provide you with authentic sources where you can register your complaint. 

parking eye payment machine not working

This way, the problems they face like over-stay and unwanted parking decrease. It also allows them to enhance the income of their private car parks, and it also enhances the customer’s experience. It improves your car park safety but also decreases the operating costs.  

Parking company technology and how it works

Parking eye uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) cameras, an attendant solution, through physical infrastructures such as barriers, virtual permit allocation, or combination. ANPR uses cameras that identify the number plates of the cars entering and leaving the car parks.

This way, everything is monitored in the car parks, from how long a vehicle has stayed, if it overstayed or not, to where it was parked, and so on. These ANPR operates 24 hours every day and monitor every car that is entering and Leaving.  If the difference between the time of a car entering and leaving is more than the time allowed to stay, they issue parking tickets for overstays.

If the parking tickets are not paid within the given time limit, then Parking Eye will send you a series of debt collection letters to keepers and motorists chasing payment. Parking Eye works in several sectors including, Healthcare, Pubs & Restaurants, Motorway Services, Managing Agents, Hotels & Hospitality, etc.

Complains by people

There has been a lot of backlash at Parking Eye for its hostile behavior towards the customers. Many people claim that a £100 parking ticket is too much for an overstay of only 20 minutes. They also claim that the time allowed for staying is too short, as short as 30 minutes only. Parking Eye costs people even if they have genuine reasons for overstaying, like breakdown, etc.

Moreover, its rules are not suitable for elderly and disabled people who can be slow when using the service as they take more time. People can visit the same place multiple times in a day, and often they are charged based upon their very first entry and last exit time difference. Because of all these problems, many people are unacceptable towards it, due to which some businesses have canceled their contract with Parking Eye.

Court Claims issued by Parking Company

Many people used to ignore parking tickets until 2012. Before 2012, Parking Eye didn’t use court action to make threats, and as a result, many people would not pay for their parking tickets. Because of this Parking Eye, they have started making claims by the Court, which people could not ignore. They issued up to 1000 in just one week.

So before 2012, it was easy to ignore parking tickets as there was no legal action taken against you, but now it is a different story. After they started issuing court claims, many people began paying, and those who still fought back in Court would usually lose and had to pay in the end anyway. This was a very successful change for Parking Eye, and people simply couldn’t ignore their parking tickets.

How to complain about unfair treatment by a parking company

If you have been treated with injustice by a parking company, then you should complain about it. But, unfortunately, many people get scared or intimidated and don’t complain. They think that just one person’s complaint will not result in any success.

However, if you will not try, then no one else will try either. Only when more people will complain, then will action indeed be taken. So below are a few ways you can send your concern and complaints about these parking companies;

The BPA Ltd and IPC ltd

If you are complaining about a parking company that has association with British Parking Association Ltd, complain to them. Similarly, if the parking company has an association with Independent Parking Committee Ltd, then complain to them.

These two are the Accredited Trade Association for the private parking industry. They are accountable for their members’ way of operating. Therefore, they have to make sure that their members follow the rules that need to be followed while working.

If they are not following rules and not operating the right way, then the BPA or IPC (whichever the parking company is associated with) will issue points under their sanction scheme.

The accumulation of more than 12 points in a year will result in reviewing the parking company’s membership at a disciplinary hearing. Often the punishments haven’t been as severe as they should be because these parking companies fund the BPA or IPC.

However, if you want to complain about unjust behavior (which you should), the following are the two emails;




You can also complain to an independent appeal service that is POPLA. POPLA is the appeal serviced for the BPA Ltd operating members. If your request was not treated with justice, you could appeal to them to review your complaint. Their email is as follows;


parking eye payment machine not working


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is an organization of the UK government responsible for maintaining a database for the registration and licensing of drivers and a database of vehicles for the entire UK.

They have more than 49 million driver records and more than 40 million vehicle records in their database. You can complain to them if you notice that a parking company is not following the rules of practice.

You can also complain about the BPA or IPC if they are not responsible and being just with you regarding their parking company’s behavior. Following is their email;


To know more about parking eye payment machine not working, you can contact us today!

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